Denver Family Photographers Guide To Having a Fun Family Photo Session


Do you remember taking formal, stuffy family photos in a dark studio as a kid? And why were we all dressed in lace collars and plaid? Luckily, your session with Denver family photographers today can be a lot more fun! Here are my tips on how to make sure you have an enjoyable family session.

Denver family photographers create a black and white portrait of a little girl holding the hands of her parents on a riverbank, the little girl turns toward the camera and smiles

Set Expectations Beforehand

Don’t skip this step, especially if you have young children!! Before you meet with your Denver family photographers, it’s a good idea to tell the kids what to expect! Telling kids how long you’ll be out, the name of your photographer, the place you’re going (…and what snack you’ll get afterward) is a great way to start the session relaxed and prepared.


Leave Work at Work

As you start your family session, leave your Smartwatch and cell in the car! First of all, these accessories don’t look awesome in your family pictures. But more importantly, you’ve gotta leave the distractions behind. Put the work day behind you to really play with your kids, get goofy and love ‘em during your shoot!

A little girl kisses the cheek of her laughing brother, who is missing a front tooth in a photo by Denver family photographers

Let the Little Things Go

A family session is not the time to worry about the wrinkles in your kids’ outfits, or to discipline your kids for being silly. Instead, hone in on the good that is happening, and provide praise and encouragement for positive behaviors from the kids.


Just Be Together

At the end of the day, remember that your family session is an hour of guaranteed time to be together! Once the session starts, I am there to document, and your family should be there to have fun, laugh, and really connect. 

Life is too short to miss out on another opportunity to be with your kids and capture this important–and fleeting—time of your lives. Don’t waste it! Haven’t booked your session with Denver family photographers yet? I’d love to work with you, so reach out!

A boy runs past a yellow tree with his family following behind captured by Denver family photographers during their family session in Denver, CO