Why Have A Colorado Destination Engagement


Congrats! You’re engaged 🎉 Now what? Well, my favorite place to start as a Colorado elopement photographer are the pictures! Because you deserve to live out your dreams with a Colorado destination engagement session. But if you are thinking that traveling for engagement pictures isn’t worth it. Then let me talk you into why you Colorado is the perfect place to travel to for your engagement photos!

Denver wedding photographer captures couple sitting with dogs during destination engagement session


If you are like me and love to travel, then a Colorado destination engagement session just makes sense. And if you are already planning out trips to take, then you might as well plan to get some breath taking couple photos while you are at it! For my U.S. couples, Colorado is a wonderful destination because it is more affordable than traveling around the world. As well, there are TONS of fun activities for outdoorsy couples, and those who prefer a bit of indoor luxury such as spas.

Denver wedding photographer captures couple kissing during destination Colorado engagements

Celebrate Your Colorado Destination Engagement

What better way to celebrate your engagement than with a little get away? Let’s face it, you are about to go through some pretty stressful times with wedding planning. So a celebratory vacation from the craziness is well deserved. Whether you choose to just get away with your lover, or invite some friends to celebrate with you. You will have a blast celebrating your love in the mountains of Colorado!

Denver wedding photographer captures man hugging woman during destination Colorado engagements


We all need an excuse for a vacation. And an engagement session is as good of a reason as any! Take a vacation from work, life and all of your other responsibilities to have a gorgeous Colorado destination engagement session. Your engagement photos will only be about an hour of your trip, giving you plenty of time to explore the other wonders of the Centennial State.

Denver wedding photographer captures couple sitting in grass with dogs

Colorado Destination Engagement Photos

And of course, the best reason of them all, one of a kind engagement photos! Have a Colorado destination engagement session so that you can celebrate and travel with the greatest love of your life. And while you are at it, have beautiful photos to document this sweet moment of your life. These engagement photos will be unlike any of your family or friends as it will be a location that is unique to your trip! Not to mention they will be a sentiment to your engagement as well as an heirloom for generations to enjoy.

Ready to book your destination engagement photos? Reach out and let’s do this thing!

Denver wedding photographer captures dogs sitting on grass