Denver Family Photos What Not To Wear


Your Denver Family Photos is just around the corner, but what to wear? Let me give you some of my dos and don’ts, with my experience as a Denver family photographer!! Follow along to amp up your confidence for your photos.


Don’t Wear New Shoes

We’re starting off bold with this piece of advice: don’t bring new shoes to your session! In your session, we’ll walk and play a lot—on the beach, on a mountain trail, in fields of tall grass! 

Uncomfortable shoes, high heels, or brand new shoes give kids blisters (Trust me, I have seen this happen more than once!) and high heels make it hard to run and play with your kids! 

The right shoes are those your kids have comfortably worn a few times, but still look nice. For women, flats or ankle boots always work well. Just stay away from athletic shoes, that’s a little TOO comfortable.

Denver family photographers capture a full family sitting together on a rug in a lush green backyard in Maryland

Don’t Wear All Matching Outfits For Denver Family Photos

While matching outfits used to be a trend years and years ago, Denver family photographers now recommend against wearing them! Totally matching fits trick the eye and makes people blend in to one another. Instead, wear complimentary colors from a matching color palette.

A boy in a blanket snuggles against his mom and dad on the beach in Denver, CO for Denver family photographer

Do Pick the Right Top

There are a lot of amazing choices for tops out there! Denver family photographers have a few suggestions to help you make the right choice. 

First, stay away from turtle necks (or anything that covers your whole neck); it’s just not flattering. Also avoid logos, words and characters that will take attention away from your face. Most repeated patterns are ok!

family standing on a boulder in the red rocks and hugging each other as they watch the sun set over the mountains photographed by denver family photographers

Do Pick the Right Colors For Your Denver Family Photos

We have a whole rainbow out there right? When picking colors for your Denver family session, use the locale you have selected for your shoot. 

In a downtown urban spot? You can probably get away with bolder hues. But if you’re headed to the mountains, a grove of trees, or the beach? Opt for something earthy or pastel to compliment your surroundings.

Denver family photographers advise against bright white and absolute black, though I wouldn’t rule it out altogether, particularly if the piece has texture to it. Off-white, cream, gray, or navy are great alternatives.

Denver family photographers photographs candid image of little children playing with their parents as the adults wave a blanket in the air next to some shrubs near a river

Don’t Forget Easily Overlooked Details

And of course, don’t forget the details! Clear your pockets of keys, phones, wallets etc., and leave what you can safely in the car! 

Make sure teeth, mouths and noses are clean. (We are talking about the little tykes here!) A set of wipes in the car will save the day every time. 

And, lastly, take hairbands and modern smartwatches off your wrist—replace them with some classy jewelry to really compliment your look.

Hopefully these tips help you walk on to your session with Denver family photographers in style!! If you’re ready to book your family photo session, I’m excited to work with you! Reach out here!

Each parent takes the hand of their daughter to swing her in the air on a waterfront path in a photo by Denver family photographers