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As a wife, a business owner, and mom of twins I know how busy and chaotic life can be. Keeping your family photo album up to date gets bumped down the priority list pretty quickly. Between work, school drop offs, dance recitals and soccer games, the kids grow and change in a blink of an eye and it's hard to keep up!  

Yet it's these moments you absolutely must preserve, and we can do this together. As a Denver family photographer + Colorado Elopement Photographer, I'm honored to document you doing the things you love most, with the people you love most. Whether you'd like to capture how the day unfolds in your home, or go explore and play somewhere beautiful outside, let's capture the snippets that make up your beautiful and imperfect life through vibrant, light-filled imagery. My camera can follow you here in Colorado where I call home, or I can be packed in a hurry and ready for action to travel to you anywhere in the world.

hey, I'm erin
it's your story. just through My lens.

hey beautiful

Your photos ought to be a tangible reminder that even though life is a little messy, it's full of moments worth remembering. (And honestly sometimes the messy moments are some of the best.) The moments of joy, the bolts of excitement, the uncontrollable laughter and the whispers of quiet. Shy glances, steady gazes of love and adoration and even tear stained cheeks. For every person who invites me to document these moments, I am grateful! I hope you'll be next. 

Hey there, let's chat about you, and the photos you want for a few... after all I assume that's why you landed here. Whether you are looking for romantic elopement photos, or fresh and fun family photos, count me in to be there to document the most precious and important moments of your life. Throughout the years as a Denver family photographer+ Colorado Elopement Photographer, I've been photographing couples and families in Colorado and beyond for almost 15 years now, and my focus has always been on capturing the connections between you and those you love. 

every perfect
(& imperfect) moment


Erin came overly prepared to photograph our toddler and we so appreciate it. He loved the monkey, stickers, and all the tricks! Our family photos came out amazing! Turnaround on getting everything back to us was quick. The whole experience was great. Highly recommend!

the whole experience was great!"

"Our family photos came out amazing,


Working with Erin was wonderful. She knows her stuff and expertly and smoothly knew how to work with my daughter to get the most beautiful pictures. She understood the look and feel we wanted for her senior pictures and delivered beautiful picture after picture. Thank you, Erin!

and delivered beautiful picture after picture"

"She understood the look and feel we wanted,


Erin is a masterful photographer and even better person. She flew to Pennsylvania for my wedding and captured the magic of the day. Her photos are jaw dropping and will be proudly displayed for years to come. I cried through the whole slideshow. I wanted them to keep going. Thank you so very much for these memories. What a dream!
You won't be disappointed at any of her pictures.

what a dream!"

"Her photos are jaw dropping,

sarah + Phillip

Erin brings her creative vision and takes beautiful pictures every time! She is especially wonderful with kids and really captures their character. We are lucky to have her as our family photographer.

our family photographer"

"We are lucky to have her as


I could not be more ecstatic with the outcome of our photos! Erin truly captured our finest moments together. She came ready in the negative temps outside that day with heat packs, gave us time to warm up in between photos, and overall made the frigid weather enjoyable! We can’t wait to use her services in the future as our little family grows.

our finest moments together"

"Erin truly captured

Bailey + Sammie

Erin made capturing our family including young children easy and fun! Our pictures turned out great and we will definitely be requesting her services again!

easy and fun"

"Erin made capturing our family




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Whether you are a family living in Denver or DC, Tampa or San Fran...I can't wait to get silly with your kids for the very best real smiles. If you are a couple tying the knot in Paris or New York City, Barcelona or right here in Colorado, I am your inclusive photographer ready to be there to capture your best moments and wildest dreams! I adore giggling grins and eskimo kisses, snuggles with mom and little ones flying high with dad. I can't stop clicking when I see tight hugs and first kisses, inside jokes and hands in hair. It's all a part of your story and I'm here for it!

If you are a fun, playful family or an easy-going, romantic couple, then let's do this thing! ALL couples welcome. Love, is LOVE!

get ready for your adventure!

- unknown

“One day, all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you’re in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body, they won’t care about any of that, they’ll just want to see you.”

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