Denver Wedding Guest Outfits Tips


As a Denver elopement photographer I have seen a wide range of wedding guest outfits. From the totally gorgeous and appropriate, to the flashy and unflattering. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you’re choosing what to wear to a wedding. If you’re feeling a little stressed by shopping for a guest outfit for an upcoming wedding, read on!

Denver wedding photographer captures ceremony on the top of a mountain in the Rockies with guests surrounding the eloping couple

Work With The Color Palette

There is a lot of time and money that go into hiring a photographer. We want the photos to be the best they can! And capturing an event were everyone looks like they belong together, creates such beautiful images. It is always considerate to asked the couple what to wear, especially if you are in a smaller elopement. They might have a specific tie or bridesmaid dress they’d like you to wear. If not, they may give you a list of approved colors so you can all work together in the photos. And at the very least, you can dress to coordinate with their wedding colors. Usually you can see what their colors might be based on the palette of their invitations.

bride and groom holding hands in side of a greenhouse with their guests sitting and watching them as they get married

Wear A Loose Wedding Guest Outfit 

Another thing to consider when choosing a wedding guest outfit are the activities during the wedding. Most weddings have dancing during the reception, others have yard games. And with elopements in Colorado, you may just have a bit of a hike on a trail. Either way you’ll most likely be moving around so you want to wear something cute and comfortable! Especially for a summer wedding, you want to wear something flowy that allows for air to come through and doesn’t stick to your body.

outdoor wedding ceremony with bride and groom holding hands as they stand on a deck under a wedding arch as their officiant shares a few words with the mountains in the distance captured by Colorado elopement Photographer

Consider The Weather

It can be somewhat easy to determine what wedding guest outfits to consider if you know when the wedding is. When you’re going to a spring wedding, bring a light coat and an umbrella. At a summer wedding, avoid layers and stick to something breezy! And if you’re going to a winter wedding, consider stacking on some layers. Especially if your ceremony will be outside!!

blended family picture at colorado elopement with family hugging each other under the wedding ceremony arch captured by denver wedding photographer

Have A Change Of Shoes

As stated previously, there is a lot of movement that goes into both a traditional wedding and an intimate elopement! If you are planning to wear heels, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes. Because whether you are dancing the night away or hiking a trail to a mountain top, you will want to have something more comfortable and practical.

colorado elopement with bride and groom exiting their red rock wedding ceremony as their guests stand behind them and blow bubbles for a bubble exit captured by denver wedding photographer

Finding the perfect wedding guest outfit shouldn’t be stressful. Overall, try to look nice, while not standing out. As well as being comfortable and ready for anything you may encounter. If you need more posing, outfit or photography tips for weddings, I’m your girl!

groom, bride and their guests toasting a cocktail together for the colorado elopement with denver wedding photographer