What Is Lifestyle Photography?

Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for amazing photos but you’re not in the world of photography, you might have a hard time explaining the type of photos you really want. Each Denver photographer has their own specialty style. It can be hard to know what’s best. Today’s blog is full of images and descriptions to help you understand lifestyle photography. Hopefully, as you read, I can win you over to this creative form of photos!

Lifestyle Photography?

So what is lifestyle photography? To put it simple, it is a facet of portrait photography. It’s designed to showcase individuals and families living their regular life (hence, lifestyle) in an artistic way. 

Emphasis on the Authentic

We want to showcase the authentic smiles, laughs, and relationships in lifestyle photography. We hope for tons of interaction during the shoot. I especially like fun moments between parents and children, couples, or pets.

Lifestyle photography includes elements of landscape photography, so I include a lot of wide shots to capture the authentic location! I want to see you really interact with the sand, the mountains, or the gardens—wherever we are!


Guided Prompts

What can you expect during lifestyle family photos? You won’t be left alone! My style of lifestyle photography does include guided posing, or prompting. Basically, I’ll encourage you and your family to do a specific activity, like holding hands or dancing together.

I won’t tell you to move your arm slightly to the left or adjust your fingers just so. Rigidity is not a part of this style of photography.


Why Should You Hire a Lifestyle Photographer?

Lifestyle photography preserves memories, not images. Due to the relaxed process, you will find warmer, homier photos than you will in other styles. 

This type of photography also better captures your family’s stage of life. Your photos will look totally different if you have littles than it will if you have older kids, for example. Rather than the prepared smile that always shows up in school photos, we’ll get different expressions every time. Every family session becomes unique! 

If lifestyle photography sounds appealing to you, try it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed! View my availability and book a Denver photography session on my schedule page to make it official.