Tips For Hiring A Colorado Elopement Photographer


Are you planning to elope in Colorado this summer/fall? An amazing perk of eloping is the opportunity for show-stopping photos. And, as we know, Colorado is especially photogenic! If you’re hoping for that gallery of ethereal photos, you need to hire the right Colorado elopement photographer. 

Here’s my advice for how to get the perfect photographer for you. 

Know How Much You’re Spending

Before you even start shopping for a Colorado elopement photographer, you have to know how much you’ve budgeted for your photography. Even elopements can be a pretty penny, and you need to prioritize where you’re going to put your budget. Remember that you’ll be paying for the photographer’s time, travel, editing of the photos and more. 

Knowing how much you can and will spend before going through galleries will save you time and ensure you don’t fall in love with someone out of your price range. 

Find the Right Fit

Not everyone is a photography expert, so let me give you another tip: there’s no “right” way to be a photographer. Each one is different. We all have different styles, and what I mean by “style” is a different way of posing, a different way of editing, a different way of framing each shot. 

We also have different personalities, and some of us are just going to mesh better with you and your partner than others. Your photographer will be with you anywhere from 2-8 hours on your elopement day, so find someone who you enjoy. 

As you can tell, it’s important to find the right Colorado elopement photographer for YOU. How will you know it’s right? Do your research. Check out their galleries, social media, reviews from past clients, and, if necessary, have a consultation call before you seal the deal. 

Contact and Book On Time

When you’ve evaluated a few different galleries and insta posts and you think you’re ready to book a Colorado elopement photographer, reach out. 

You’re going to get more thorough responses through a photographer’s home website than you will through social media, so fill out a contact form. Also, be a timely booker! Photographers are booked out months at a time, so make sure you contact them ASAP to make sure your date is reserved and circled with a red pen well ahead of time.

And don’t worry! The perfect photographer is out there for you!! Where budget, style, and schedule all align…Ok, we probably don’t have to be star-crossed lovers, but if you have loved the images you’ve seen in this blog post, really, reach out! 

My experience as a Colorado elopement photographer might make us the perfect match. Click here for my contact form!