Outdoorsy Couple Photoshoot Outfits


A couples photoshoot in the great outdoors can be so fun! Especially out here in Colorado, where we are famous for our incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. I love getting to explore different locations with my clients for their Colorado elopements, engagements, or even family photos! But not everybody is used to hiking for a couple session. If you’re new to booking with me, you are probably wondering what outdoorsy couple photoshoot outfits would be best for my sessions.  Here’s a full guide to help you out from your favorite Colorado elopement photographer.

Consider the Landscape

Use the landscape to your advantage. When picking color palettes, consider what your landscape will look like, and pick a color that will make you stand out from the backdrop. If you’re heading for the trees in summer, don’t wear green! Sport orange instead.

Complement, Don’t Match

Going to a session wearing identical outfits can look outdated! Instead of matchy-matching with your partner, pick outfits that complement each other. That means including similar accent colors, coordinating patterns, or picking colors that are near each other on a color wheel.

Wear Something Comfortable

This may be a given, but make sure you’re wearing something comfortable for your couple photoshoot outfits! Also, beware of wearing shorts or skirts that will leave your legs bare; you might get scraped or bug-bitten out there. 

And don’t forget! If you’re planning on hiking for your session, break in those shoes beforehand. 

Pack In An Outfit

My final advice: you can always bring a second outfit! If you’re heading on a hike, pack in a change of clothes for the destination. You can look dressy and have the open sky photos you’re dreaming of—just don’t bring something that will easily wrinkle. 

Most importantly, your couple photoshoot outfits should represent you. If you’d like more guidance as you prepare for couple photos, I’m always happy to help with styling and location selection too! Reach out to me here.