Men’s Elopement Outfit & Suit Tips


Hey, grooms! Feeling nervous about your elopement attire? Not sure how to dress or what to look for? Let me drop you a life preserver here! Brides get a lot of advice for what dress to wear, and I want grooms to feel the same amount of confidence in their elopement fits, too! The men’s elopement outfit should be comfortable, breathe well, and look great. But how do you do it? Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions about what to wear—especially for the groom.

To Hike or to Pack Men’s Suit for an Elopement?

If you’re planning a rigorous hike for your Colorado elopement, it may not be the best idea to wear your suit the entire time. Your suit can be damaged by sweat, plants, or by overextension (You don’t want to be singing Spongebob’s “Ripped Pants” during your elopement)! 

If you’re going to hike more than a mile, it might be better to wear shorts and change into your suit attire as you approach your destination. Pack your suit carefully so it doesn’t wrinkle, perhaps by attaching a small garment bag to the top of your backpack.

What’s the Best Elopement Fabric for Men?

Generally, natural fabrics are going to be more comfortable for your day of adventuring than synthetic ones. That’s because natural fabrics often breathe better, so you’ll cool down quicker and stay more comfortable. Consider cotton and linen for a summer elopement, and wool or cashmere for the winter. 

How Can a Men’s Elopement Outfit be Adjusted for Seasonality?

If you’re getting ready to go out exploring snow-capped mountains for your Colorado elopement, remember that you can always layer up by adding a warm vest underneath your jacket, or accessorizing with a nice wool scarf. Consider a suit overcoat if it’s going to be really too cold; an overcoat can look so refined, and there are a lot of options out there.

Are There Options Besides Suits for Men’s Elopement Outfits?

If you’re looking for more “fun” options for men’s elopement outfits, don’t feel boxed into a suit! You might pick some spunky suspenders over a white shirt. Wear just a vest to look extra country or boho. Or, a nicely-tailored colored button down can look amazing against the natural backdrops of your elopement. 

Picking an alternative outfit can make your elopement a little less stuffy—and show off more of your personality!

In fact, your entire elopement should show off your personality! We want to capture everything about you, your relationship, and your experience together. If you’re hoping for some truly down-to-earth, romantic photos, I’d love to be your Colorado elopement photographer. Click here for more info about booking!