Top Reasons To Plan A Destination Elopement


Those of you who follow my blog know how much I enjoy traveling. I have a long bucket list of destinations I want to explore. Traveling to new destinations is such a great way to learn about the world, and it provides invaluable experiences. Luckily, my work as a Colorado elopement photographer has led me to many couples who also like to tread off the beaten path. Eloping is such a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage commitment, so today I’d like to share my perspective and encourage you to consider planning a destination elopement! Let’s dive into it.


Capture Incredible Views

First, a destination elopement gives you simply breathtaking scenery. There is something so poetic about saying “I do” in the most beautiful settings Earth provides. 

I love doing photography for Colorado elopements, because the scenery can be so impressive, yet all it does is compliment the couple. The big skies, purple mountains, and rich foliage are something you just can’t get anywhere else. 


Create Your Own Adventure During Your Destination Elopement

A Colorado elopement can be so much more than a destination wedding ceremony. You’re literally building a vacation, honeymoon, and wedding all in one! So go all out! 

You can add in rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, or other excursions to your wedding festivities. Or, consider taking a trip to a lesser-known city to enjoy food and drink, tour local monuments, or just wander and explore. It can be a great way to bond with your significant other and any guests you invite!


Put the Focus on Your Love

A destination elopement’s true benefit is to refocus the entire wedding planning process on the two of you. When you have a destination elopement, you have the option of celebrating privately with just your significant other. Alternatively, you can invite a small group of your closest connections. Whatever you choose, your love stands as the centerpiece for the entire experience. 


Destination Elopement

I have never worked with an eloping couple that seemed to regret their decision! More often, the elopement becomes an extremely special memory for the couple. 

Did my suggestions inspire you to follow your dreams of a destination elopement? I sure hope so! Don’t hesitate to book your elopement session to capture your special moments. I’m excited to be your Colorado elopement photographer!