Wedding Dress Shopping Tips


You met the love of your life and now you need to shop for the perfect dress. This is the dress, the dress that will hang in your closet for the next thirty years and maybe even get passed down to a daughter or granddaughter. I know how important it is to feel like you’ve picked the right dress for this important day. I’ve worked with tons of brides as a Colorado elopement photographer, so I’m here to share my wedding dress shopping tips–but these tips are purely based on my experience with wedding photography. Sound interesting? Here are my dos and don’ts of wedding dresses. 

Do: Flowy Fabrics

When you’re shopping, it’s a go on dresses with ample skirt fabric, long veils, or anything flowy. Fabric really acts as its own prop in photos. You can twirl or throw the fabric for a star moment (or let a light breeze create the magic for you)! It can really bring interest and drama in your wedding pictures!

Don’t: Dresses that Limit Mobility 

Many brides pick dresses for the look without considering wearability. Elopement sessions require a bit of mobility to get the best shots. For this reason, I would not recommend really tight dresses that will limit your stride. I would also reconsider any strapless dresses with no support. If you have to hoist up your top all day, you’re going to be uncomfortable.  

A better option would be a dress that accentuates your shape at the waist, but still allows for movement and flow. Look for bodices that either provide bust coverage or good support. 

Do: Straps or Sleeves

On the same note, let’s say a big yes to dresses with straps or sleeves. Sleeves can keep you warmer, especially for winter weddings, which will make all of your day much more comfortable. For spring and summer weddings, straps can keep you supported and cool! 

Don’t: Visible Linings

This wedding dress shopping tip might be a little controversial, but I would not recommend shopping for a dress with a visible lining, modesty panel, or any kind of taping (especially if it’s nude-colored). Most of the time, these features are added to dresses with plunging v’s or high slits. Nice in theory, but these details can be really distracting in your wedding photos. 

Overall, I hope you found these wedding dress shopping tips useful. And, I hope that you find the right dress to best showcase you!

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