Why Take Summer Family Photos


The spring buds have blossomed, and myself and other Denver family photographers are all excited to help you capture your time of life in a family photoshoot! Summer is the best time of the year for family photos. As always, I’m excited to be back to share with you five reasons why you should book summer family photos.

Late Sunsets

First perk: late sunsets! While in winter you might have been cramming your kids to a restaurant early before your 5pm family photos, summer gives you much more time. You can go out to eat before the session, and go for ice cream after! Or take advantage of the glow of golden hour for your summer family photos.

Kids are Out of School

Graduation is on the horizon, and kids will be out of school. Your family schedule will be free from homework and band concerts, making it easier to find a time to gather everyone together. Especially great if you have a few in school and some that have left the nest.

Everything is Green 

While in winter, things look bleak, in summer there are no bare trees! There is much more greenery. While actual fields of wildflowers are hard to come by here in Colorado, we do have more in bloom during the summer. Some of the native grasses and ground plants in the tall fields do flower! I would so love to have you and your family run through the beautiful colored buds and little bits of color.

Lots of Time to Prep for Christmas Cards

Taking your annual family photos in the summer means no rush on turnaround time for Christmas cards. You have loads of time to get those photos back and still have time to prep for the holidays. It’s a great way to relieve some holiday stress earlier in the year. You’ll thank yourself in December!

Summer Outfits are Unbeatable

And our last reason, because why not? In summer you can wear what you want without worrying about sweaters or snowstorms. Instead, you can pick from sundresses and pastel colors for everyone in the family. Loose hair and sunhats! These outfits are just perfect for every member in your family photos.

Have I convinced you yet? If so, reach out and schedule your summer family photos. I can’t wait to hear from you!