Reasons Not to Book a Session

Tips and Tricks

I have been doing this photo thing for 14 years now and I get it; a photography session can sound really exciting or really daunting! Maybe you’ve never worked with a photographer before or you have lingering concerns from past sessions elsewhere. Maybe you just don’t know how to fit it in the schedule. Let’s talk through all the reasons not to book a session! By the end of the post, I bet we can clear the air!

I’ve listed the most common concerns and objections when it comes to booking a photo session, and how we can work together to overcome them. Starting with…

“What if the weather isn’t perfect?”

Weather can be a valid concern, but don’t let it hold you back or stress you out! To start, I recommend choosing your preferred season. For instance if you hate the heat but don’t mind bundling up- you might actually like a cozy winter session. Just take advantage of my tips for How to Stay Warm During a Winter Session.

Take a peek through some of my previous family sessions on the blog to see how we might have fun in any type of weather. Most importantly, remember that no matter the season, I am happy to reschedule a session up to six months from the original date if weather decides not to cooperate!


“I can’t justify the price.”

I always tell my clients that a photography session is an investment in moments that can’t be recreated. While you might think you are booking these photos because you want them right now, the truth is that you are actually looking out for your future-self! Sure, the photos are great to have today, but I promise, you are really going to cherish them 10 or 20, even 30 or 40 years down the road!

These are generational heirlooms that can’t be recreated or made up later. Each year that passes by is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your family just as they are in those unique moments in time. The love, the growth, their expressions; the way your favorite person smiles or crinkles their nose. So don’t put off investing in your memory keeping!

As for pricing, your session payments are broken up between the session fee and the collection price, and variable collection pricing allows you to choose what’s right for your budget. And, if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about special sessions and sales, so you can take advantage of discounts over the holidays and other times throughout the year.


“I’m not sure which location to choose.”

There’s a great spot for everyone! I have spent tons of time scouting out and photographing all of the best spots for photos – whether you want mountains, beach, urban, city parks, or in home settings. I also know what looks good in the best light. So you can save time and stress worrying about where to shoot, because I am always happy to suggest a spot!

“I’m too busy and won’t be able to find time in my schedule.”

Sessions are rarely more than an hour in length (sometimes less!) and I do everything I can to save you as much pre-session prep time as possible. I have an automated booking process and I’ve already scouted the best locations for you! Plus, I offer wardrobe guidance and helpful tips for the whole family along with lost of helpful blog posts about what to wear. (Just have a look around the blog!)

We can also schedule as far in advance as you want, and my calendar is easy to see online. We can meet at a time that works best with your existing schedule. If you’re looking for even more tips, check out Photo Session Tips for Busy Families.

couple hugging in meadow in colorado with beautiful fall colors

“I don’t know what to wear!”

I have you covered here too! Cue the list of helpful tips on styling and my Session Planning Page is a great place to start! It’s loaded with stress-free ways to get the entire family photo ready.

If you’re lost when it comes to tracking down the perfect outfit for everyone in your family, hop over to The Best Places to Shop for Your Family Portrait Session for a list of my favorite spots.

I’m such a fan of maxi dresses for women, but if you’re not convinced it’s the best choice for you, read all the reasons Why Maxi Dresses are a Must for Photos!

Or if you know maxis aren’t your thing, I’ve also scoped out What to Wear to Your Next Session (if you’re not into maxi dresses) for ideas and easy shopping.

If you’re still feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to outfit choices, I am always available for questions, or sharing photos of your outfits to see what I think!

family snuggled up on blanket with beautiful fall colors in denver meadow

“I hate how I look in photos.”

I’ve always considered myself to be a “work in progress” when it comes to making myself present in front of the camera. I used to look at myself in photos and analyze every detail about my appearance, but I finally realized that my insecurities shouldn’t stand in the way of creating amazing memories with my family.

In fact, I’m so passionate about this that I wrote a blog last year challenging other moms to Be in More Photos. I’ll ask you to consider the same thing (and read the blog!) before you decide against booking a photo session. Let’s all try and overcome some of those insecurities, so we don’t end up opting out of creating beautiful memories with our families. After all, we want your kids to look back and see you in the photos rather than always assuming you were the one behind the camera. You’re absolutely beautiful, mama! Let’s take some photos together so you can see for yourself!

pov shot of denver family on blanket for fall family photos

So there you have it! Despite any initial reasons NOT to book a session, I hope you will consider all the many reasons TO book a session, and let me help you along the way! But,

If you’re still not sure you want to book a session …

I hope you’ll get in touch and say hi, so I can answer any further questions you might have or any concerns that might be holding you back. When you’re ready to get the process started, jump over to my schedule to check out my availability and lock in a date that works best for your family. From there, I’ll be in touch directly so we can get things moving!