Fenwick Island Delaware Family Photos


I love the relationships I have with clients that have grown over the years. Especially treasuring the ones that have spanned a decade or more. Growing and changing from a couple in love, to a family of three, then four, and now five! I was thrilled when this once-again-mama said she wanted to document her final pregnancy. Better yet- was up for a sun and sand session at the beach for Delaware Family Photos. 

The extra special touch was being lucky enough to photograph the family after their sweet little bundle was born.

On a trip back to Delaware where I grew up, I spent some time with my own family. I also got to spend some time with this beautiful growing family at Fenwick Island State Park. We lucked out with a beautiful night, even though the forecast had initially played some tricks on us! 

Delaware Family Photos

Their girls were eager to play in the sand and water. I generally think it’s best to let kids play during a session (after getting a few posed shots for the mantle of course!). Because it makes for the kind of raw, authentic, and emotive photos I love, and that really show who kids are. Even though we worried at first when clouds starting rolling in. We ended up with some beautiful light peeking through over the bay at Assawoman Recreation Center. Where everyone splashed in the water and took turns hugging mama and their soon-to-be baby brother. 

A short time later, we met to welcome the newest member to their family. This is a session that almost didn’t happen. Between the fact that mommy and daddy were exhausted, sleep deprived parents with a colicky baby, and I was on a quick trip to Washington DC. So I only had a small window of time to meet (and make the trip to northern Maryland). However, we managed to rearrange schedules, long drives in traffic were made (and so worth it). These sweet moments were captured of this new family of five.

Sometimes, I think the real, authentic, in-home sessions are the ones that end up being most meaningful in 10, 20, or even 40 years when it’s time to look back. That’s why I was so thankful these special clients were willing to push through the new baby fog and truly embrace the chaos for a few photos.

I loved watching the two older girls interact with each other and their new baby brother. And as it turns out– a few photos in their sun-drenched sitting room were all we needed to welcome this little guy to the world!

If you’re expecting a new addition and want Delaware Family Photos

I hope you’ll consider a beach family session to celebrate before little one arrives! Think of it as a maternity session with a twist! And when your new addition arrives, we can schedule a follow up newborn session, too!

Whether you’re venturing out to the beaches of Delaware, Florida, the lakeshores of Michigan, or anywhere else where the land meets the water. I’d love to connect with you to plan a memorable session with your family. Check out my schedule and get in touch, so we can get things started!