5 Reasons to Plan a Weekday Elopement


Colorado is the perfect location for an elopement. The Rocky Mountains offer some of the most stunning scenery in the country. The golden hour lighting is absolutely epic. It’s also the perfect location for an elopement-turned-honeymoon, since there’s just so much to do.

Unfortunately, the attractiveness of Colorado as a wedding (and vacation) destination has grown substantially in popularity. So, as much as I’d like to tell you that you won’t have any traffic on the weekends, parking will be easy to find, and your venue and vendors will all have availability on your chosen date, that won’t necessarily be the case.

So, let me fill you in on an underrated secret — Weekday elopements are the way to go!

And here, I’m sharing all the reasons you should choose a weekday for your elopement:

There’s less traffic and easy parking!

Here in Colorado, it’s busy throughout the year, but particularly on the weekends. Those who live closer to Denver venture west to the mountain towns, which makes for a ton of traffic on the more commonly traveled routes. Who wants to be late to their own wedding because they get stuck in a traffic jam?! Eek!

I should also add that parking at many of the trailhead lots is already tight, so when you add lots of visitors, it can fill pretty quickly and add unnecessary stress to your day. So, please take my word for it and opt for a more relaxed weekday wedding instead!

You’ll have a quiet, intimate setting for your ceremony.

Less traffic and fewer people makes for a more private setting, and I’m sure one of the reasons you’ve chosen to elope is to allow the day to be about the two of you. When you choose a weekday for your ceremony, you’ll have less distractions and fewer strangers hanging around to potentially be lingering in the background of your photographs. 

Get the date and season you’d like for your elopement.  

In more popular destinations like Colorado, weekend wedding dates get gobbled up pretty quickly (sometimes a year in advance). This causes a lot of scrambling to schedule the perfect combination of location and vendors. It can also cause undue stress leading up to your wedding day. Who wants to waste their life away sending emails to vendors only to be told they’re booked?  When you choose a weekday for your wedding, schedules open up a lot more. You may even find that you have more options to choose from. So, rather than feeling forced to select a vendor because “they’re the only one available that day”, choose a weekday for your elopement!

It’s more budget friendly. 

It only takes a few minutes of internet searching to find that many locations and vendors offer smaller packages or discounts for weekday weddings and elopements. In many cases, vendors are booked on the weekends serving their clients for larger weddings, so they’re thrilled to have a smaller wedding during the week. It only means added perks for you: You’ll likely be their only wedding that day and you will likely score a significant discount, too. 

It feels fun and spontaneous. 

Who chooses to elope and then follows all the rules?! Elopement is supposed to feel fun, romantic, and spontaneous, so start by planning it that way. Getting married during the week is the non-traditional choice. When you choose to get married on a weekday, it’s the perfect excuse to elope without inviting guests, or by limiting the number of guests you choose to invite. And if this makes you feel the least bit guilty (and it shouldn’t), plan a fun reception sometime later with some of your closest family and friends.

If planning a weekday elopement simply isn’t possible, here are a few tips you might consider –

  • Consider booking a private property for your elopement – maybe an adorable airbnb or bed & breakfast in the mountains with a scenic view will be the perfect spot. They may even have enough rooms for your closest friends and family to stay. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you might also check out my blog on Denver Area Venues for Your Intimate Wedding for ideas. 
  • Plan a winter weekend elopement! If you aren’t afraid of some snow, some of the more popular locations can be more quiet (and beautiful) during the winter months. 
  • Choose a photographer who knows the area. They can suggest remote, intimate locations that will still be quiet on the weekends and also locations to totally avoid. 

As you plan your weekday elopement…

I’m here to help in any way that I can. Whether it’s assisting in choosing a location, selecting an intimate venue, or bringing my camera along to capture your elopement, I’m only a message away. Please take a moment to “say hi” and we can get things started!