There's oh-so-much to do when you are waiting for your new little one to make their entrance, but I am here to help cross one of the to-do items off the list with ease. I have been photographing expectant mamas and their families here in Denver and beyond for over 13 years now and I hope you'll be next!

Let's get you some gorgeous photos of the amazing life-giving stage you are in now and celebrate the incredible mom-to-be that you are.  

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celebrate an arrival

denver maternity photographer

- jessica

Her photography covers the walls of our home. We purchased a Baby's First Year Package when I was pregnant with our son. The package includes a maternity session, newborn photos, 6 month photos, and 1 year photos. We are three sessions in, and all of the photos have been beautiful. We can't wait to schedule our one year session this fall!

 'erin is the best' 

Maternity sessions are your chance to celebrate the changes that are about to come, as well as honor the amazing thing your body is doing, and the beautiful woman you are. I'm here to help you prep and prepare for an easy and stress-free session. When you book, I will guide you through all you need to know so you can forget about photos and just focus on your babe! Take a peek at the details below, and then feel free to book your session directly or get in touch with any questions, comments, or to just say hi. I can't wait to hear from you!

I believe in doing more than just showing up and taking your photos...

You're busy and life isn't always easy- so I am all about keeping it simple! When you are ready to book, just click any of the booking buttons on my site, or the 'Schedule' tab at the top of the page where you can select a date on my calendar and be booked and ready to go. I'll ask a few questions about you and your goals for your photos so I can get prepping for your session right away, and I'll be in touch soon!

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Once you are booked I'll be sending you some style resources, as well as location suggestions based on your preferences. I've got a beautiful client closet for the ladies chock full of photo-ready fabulous dresses perfect for your session and free to borrow. And if you have questions, I'll have answers!

I'll send you "all-the-things" for your big day - location ideas, outfit inspo, you name it!

the Big Day

It's photo day! This is the time to relax and have fun. Enjoy putting on a beautiful dress and celebrating this special time. Heck while you're at it, treat yourself to something relaxing- a massage, a spa day, a blow out or a mani pedi- you deserve it! If you want more photo session tips I have a full guide available for newsletter subscribers just for signing up!  

the day has arrived and it's time to get those amazing photos you've been dreaming of!

Gallery Delivery

You had a great session and now you can't wait to see the results! Three short weeks after your session you will see an email pop into your inbox inviting you to view an image preview. Enjoy some beautiful moments reliving the day, and then make a selection as to what image collection you'd like to keep forever. Your full gallery will be unlocked and the delight continues! 

I know you are dying to see those photos - it'll be worth the wait!

Order your art & enjoy!

With your full gallery available and artwork credit at your finger tips, it's time to treat yourself to some beautiful artwork to adorn your walls, or maybe even gift to some to loved ones! In the age of cell phone photos and corrupt hard drives, making sure we print our photos is more important than ever. Printing your photos ensures that when today's technology is obsolete in 50 years, your children and grandchildren can still enjoy the beautiful printed work you picked out today!

Have you dreamed of filling those blank walls with gorgeous art? I've got you, mama!






About My Process

the process

Includes the following:

A fun and relaxed session to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy! This can be for just mama-to-be, include a partner, or the whole family.

- Up to one hour of photography, scheduled at sunrise* or just before sunset
- Your favorite 25 digital images with an option to upgrade to all
- Print products available for purchase
- Styling guidance & location planning
- Can include immediate family only (no extended families)

$250 retainer required to book and reserve date, credited toward the total session cost.
General Denver Metro area; Mountain or Studio locations are available for an extra fee.
* $75 discount applied to final balance payment for solo and partner sessions.

*Sunrise sessions available April through September only
**Outside of Colorado?, Get in touch, I travel often and would love to work with you!

$700 weeknights | $850 weekends

session pricing

Send me a message on my contact page and tell me what you have in mind and we'll get the ball moving or book right away through the booking buttons on this page. Everything can be done online with just a few clicks. You'll pay your session fee, sign a session agreement and answer a few questions to help me plan the best experience for you. Then your date is set! Rest easy knowing I'll be in touch soon with helpful info and you are on your way to beautiful photos! Easy Peasy.

This may depend on a couple of factors, like whether you are having a singleton pregnancy, or if you are expecting multiples, as well as whether you are a first time mom or if it is your second or third child. 

Typically you'll want to aim for between 27-34 weeks (7-8 months) however if any of the above factors apply, then that timeline may be pushed up a bit. I have a full blog post available on this very topic!

Anywhere you want me to! In my 13 years of experience, I have photographed families and couples all over the globe, including France, Austria, Mexico, California, Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington DC, Texas, Michigan, Kentucky and more. Geography isn't a barrier for me, it's a motivator! Live outside of Colorado, or thinking of bringing me along with you? Just get in touch!

Like much of the work that I photograph, I tend to feel that adding movement and flow to a session is good, and especially when you are expecting I think there is nothing more etherial and maternal than a really fantastic full length maxi dress or gown. Whether you opt for something that hugs the curve of your baby bump or something with a more free flowing skirt from the bust down I truly thing a dress is your best bet and I have a complimentary client closet full of great maternity friendly options!

I want you to LOVE your photos! I take time to hand edit each image individually, and I often show more images than expected. Images are delivered two to three weeks from your session date.

I know how important it is to include older siblings in the special moments of planning and celebration when a new baby is on the way, so while I still will be sure to take time to get plenty of photos of just mom, including the big brothers and sisters is fine by me. 

frequently asked questions

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Well, there are many answers to this question, but I will offer you just one. Because it's part of the story. Your baby's journey in life doesn't start at birth- it starts now, right here, in the womb with YOU. You mama, carrying them, day in and out, adjusting everything you are doing for the sole purpose of bringing a healthy little babe into the world.
And that is worth remembering,
that is worth photographing.

i'll just wait until the baby comes

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