Denver Real Estate Branding Session


Hayley is a Denver real estate broker who reached out to me for a branding session to celebrate obtaining her real estate license. I learned that she also has a background in interior design, which will come as no surprise for anyone who sees the photos we took at her place – she has quite the eye for design!

For this particular session, Hayley was interested in showing her business side at her offices in Cherry Creek, but also her love for the Mile High City, where she lives. To showcase both locations, we made stops at the Millennium Bridge as well as Confluence Park.

Then, we made sure to show off her loving and down-to-earth personality at her perfectly decorated urban condo. 

During a full professional branding session, we really have the opportunity to dive into your personality – your work, what it means to you, and who you are as a person and entrepreneur. This is what really sets these sessions apart from a standard headshot session. 

If you’re looking to show off your entrepreneurial spirit…

I would love to help tell the authentic story behind your business! I hope you will take a few minutes away from the daily grind to reach out for a headshot or brand photography session.