Sun-Drenched Colorado Family Photos


For these picturesque family photos, we were so fortunate to have the perfect combination of a beautiful, warm March day and beautiful light. I absolutely love a sun-drenched session! Family photos are important for every stage of your life, from before you have children into pregnancy, and of course once your kids are starting to grow up!

Family Photos Location

Colorado is filled with all sorts of beautiful backdrops. Although you can catch me on the top of a mountain most weekends with brides and young families. I also love the variety the farm land more urban neighborhoods offer. For this session we captured mom and dad in golden fields, near an old water tower and next to heavy machinery. Not a traditional location, but still so beautiful!

Momma was stunning and reminded me of the Mona Lisa, only prettier.

Family Photos Before Baby

You never would have known these two soon-to-be parents are expecting a newborn in the near future. Mom and Dad were both incredibly laid back for the entire session and you could feel the love and excitement between them.

And no gender reveal here! These two are waiting to find out whether their little bundle is a boy or girl at delivery- the best surprise!

If you have your own bundle of joy on the way…

Embrace that lovely pregnancy glow in your family photos. Whether you need to announce to the world that your little one is on his way. Or if you are ready to pop and excited to show off that bump. I would be honored to photograph your family in this precious time of life.

Choose something long and flowy to show off that bump, and let’s schedule a time to take some photos!