15 Fun Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Colorado Elopement


Looking to tie the knot uniquely and memorably in a way that involves the whole family? Elopements don’t have to mean leaving the kids behind! They can be a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories with your little ones while celebrating your love in a more intimate setting. Throughout the blog, we’ll explore 15 fun and creative ways to include your kids in your Colorado elopement ceremony, ensuring they feel just as much a part of your special day as you do. From meaningful roles in the ceremony to exciting activities before and after, get ready to discover how to make your elopement a family affair to remember!

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Share a Family First Look

While first looks are generally between the couple, invite the kiddos to be a part of the special moment, too! They can get ready with either parent and come together to see one another for the first time before the elopement ceremony. A first look is such a special moment, and spending it with your kids and partner? It doesn’t get much better than that. Plan enough time to allow yourselves to be in the moment and let everyone take it in. A family first look is a great way to start your Colorado elopement day and create beautiful memories together.

Let Them Help You Decorate

Though this will depend on where you choose to elope, allow your kids to help decorate for the event. Not only will this make for some pretty funny moments, but it is also a simple way to ensure they feel involved and just as memorable! Let the kids help with your bouquet or even post-elopement dinner decorations if you plan to elope outdoors.

Have Them Help Pick Food, Drink or Desserts

I don’t know about you, but getting my kids to eat isn’t always easy, especially during the toddler years. Include your kids in choosing the menu for post-elopement dinners or snacks before the ceremony. If you’re keeping things simple and going out to eat after the ceremony, talk to them about some nicer restaurants they may want to go after. Perhaps go somewhere you wouldn’t usually go that your kids will also enjoy.

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Plan a Unity Ceremony With Them

A unity ceremony with your kids can be an emotional and meaningful way to involve them in your Colorado elopement. It can symbolize the blending of the families and the start of a new beginning together. Whether it’s a sand ceremony where each family member pours colored sand into a single vessel or planting a tree together to represent growth and strength, these rituals offer a tangible expression of your love and commitment to one another as a family. One of my couples planned a powerful ribbon-tying ceremony with their children, uniting them as a family. It was so special, and it played off the traditional handfasting ceremony between the wedding couple, with ribbons tied around their hands to bind them together. This will be a powerful moment for your family, ensuring your children feel valued and essential to blending your families.

Invite Them to Walk Down the Aisle or Stand at the Alter With You

This is always an emotional moment for parents and grandparents alike. Invite your kids to walk down the aisle with you before the ceremony. Not only will it unite you, but it also gives your children the opportunity to be a part of the moment. While this commitment is between you and your partner, having your children at your side will make for a special moment. Consider having your son stand by your partner at the altar, allowing them to have their moment, too.

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Pick a Theme To Include Your Kids in Colorado Elopement That They’ll Love

Choosing a theme for your Colorado elopement that’s meaningful to your kids can transform your special day into an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Whether your kiddos are exploring the beauty of Colorado and exploring for treasure or channeling their inner royalty and dressing up as princes and princesses, there’s a theme to suit every age to complement the stunning views Colorado offers. From dress-up to stargazing, incorporating unique experiences into the day will make for excited kids and incredible memories.

Get Ready With Them in the Morning

Invite your children into the world of wedding day prep with music they enjoy, and get them all dressed up. With the beginning of an exciting change on the horizon, including your children in the moments leading up to the elopement can be a great way to encourage and excite them for the moment. Spending intentional one-on-one time together before the ceremony will highlight their day and ensure they feel included and loved.

Include Your Kids in Your Colorado Elopement Vows

Another meaningful and straightforward way to include your kids in your Colorado elopement is to include them in your vows. Ensure they are part of the promises for your future, let them know what they can look forward to in their new blended family, and tell them how much you love them! Sharing some of your favorite memories or favorite qualities they possess will be sure to bring a smile to their face. Including them in your vows will also provide comfort in knowing that you won’t love them any less but add to their circle of support and love.

Ask Them to Pick an Activity or Game to Play With Guests

Are you inviting guests to your Colorado elopement? Let your kiddos pick a game or activity to do with guests after the ceremony! Maybe it’s yard games like Connect Four and corn hole or enjoying treats together after you say I do. Either way, it’ll be something they’ve contributed to the elopement, allowing them to be excited and have fun, too!

Make Space For Them to Sign Decorative Marriage Certificates

While they may be unable to sign the legal marriage certificate, invite them to sign a new family certificate! This will allow them to participate in signing a document and invite them to celebrate what an important day it is by blending their family. Years from now, when you’re getting ready to celebrate your anniversary, you can also celebrate your family’s anniversary!

Include Your Kids in Your Colorado Elopement Cake Topper

Including kids in your wedding cake topper is a unique and heartwarming way to celebrate two people’s union and create a new family unit. Whether through a custom-made family cake topper with the couple and children or even little Lego people – it will be a cherished memory for years to come. From holding hands with the newlyweds to playful poses that reflect their personalities, the cake topper represents the love and unity the entire family shares.

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Plan Activities That are Kid-Friendly and Safe

While planning your elopement, consider the location and its safety, especially for the kids. There are incredibly stunning locations in Colorado filled with adventure and breathtaking scenery; however, some spots may be more difficult for the kiddos! Ask your photographer for child-friendly location suggestions and plan safe activities for those sweet babies. Consider scheduling a post-elopement activity your family can enjoy after reading the vows.

Include Your Kids in Colorado Elopement By Inviting Other Guests with Kids

What’s one way to make your kids feel comfortable on your wedding day? Invite other guests with kids! It will make them excited to see other people their age, and it’ll also be exciting to celebrate with their friends after the ceremony while allowing the adults to celebrate. If you’re opting to keep the elopement small with just close family, inviting family they are close to, like grandparents, can also make kids feel comfortable and excited.

Encourage Them to Say Something During the Ceremony if They Want To

Lastly, include your kids in your Colorado elopement ceremony. Allow them to say something during the ceremony if they want to! It can be just a few words about how they’re excited about their new family or how much they love you. Kids will surprise you and say the funniest, most heartwarming things that can ultimately make the day that much more special. Some children may not feel comfortable speaking in public, but those who do should be given the opportunity!

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BONUS TIP – Include Your Kids in Colorado Elopement By Celebrating With Them During the Day and Alone at Night

One of my favorite tips to tack on is don’t feel guilty for wanting to celebrate with other adults later. Plan a kid-friendly celebration during the day, maybe a family picnic or hike after the elopement, and celebrate with friends or each other at night. It is your elopement day, after all!

An elopement is a special event in your life, and including your kids in that moment can be heartwarming and memorable. Throughout your planning, finding simple ways to include your children and making them feel like they’re a part of the day will go a long way with them and make for some once-in-a-lifetime family bonding experiences.

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