Wedding Day Hike Planning Tips For Your Colorado Elopement


Colorado has breathtaking natural beauty, incredible hikes, and views that will leave you speechless and continue to lure elopement couples to the area. Couples who elope in Colorado often crave adventure, serene relaxation, and a memorable experience. Oftentimes, they plan an adventurous wedding day hike the morning before their ceremony. Allowing the couple to spend alone time together before they say I do. These quiet mornings have become a favorite experience among my clients. They can lean into the calmness that can be found in nature. As a Colorado elopement photographer, I encourage clients to explore and experience everything they can in the beautiful state. If you’re considering a wedding day hike, I’ve got a few tips to ensure you enjoy yourself!

Colorado elopement photographer captures groom hugging his bride after elopement ceremony in Colorado

Start Your Wedding Day Hike Early

Give yourself time to be in the moment and enjoy this time with your partner. There’s nothing more romantic than taking a sunrise hike together before committing your lives to one another. Starting early allows you both to reflect, be in the moment, and not feel rushed. These quiet moments spent together on your wedding day will be your favorite. Any anxiety, nervousness, or excitement will be eased throughout your hike. You’ll focus on exploring and adventure while creating new memories with your favorite person.

Bring a Good Pair of Shoes and Pack Light

Your wedding day hike is not the day to break in a new pair of hiking boots. Instead, bring your favorite pair of sneakers or hiking boots for a light hike in the morning of your Colorado elopement. Not only will you be comfortable and safe, but you’ll also be able to be in the moment, not worrying about your feet hurting later. Don’t forget to pack light! More than likely, you won’t be planning a challenging 10-mile hike but rather something gentle and short. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack a bag. Plan to bring water and a few snacks in your pack, along with a first aid kit and any other necessities.

Leave the Guests Behind For a Private Adventure Together

One of my favorite tips is to plan this hike for the two of you. While it could be exceptional to invite guests, I would encourage you to take this time to be together as a couple. You’ll have plenty of time to celebrate with guests and family later. This day is about the two of you making a life-changing commitment to one another and celebrating that privately. Prioritize your relationship and being together. Your guests will understand!

Bring Wedding Outfit for Photos

I wouldn’t be doing my job as a Colorado elopement photographer if I didn’t tell you to bring a change of clothes for photos! I’m not saying to get your huge wedding dress, but rather something special that allows you to take pictures and remember the love felt there. Some couples choose a simple button-down shirt and slip-dress. It all comes down to you personally and what you feel most confident in.

Don’t forget to invite your elopement photographer along for the hike! We’ll be able to memorialize these special moments to reflect on for years.

Colorado elopement photographer captures groom crying during vows

Bring Vow Books to Your Wedding Day Hike

Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, how powerful would it be to read your vows to one another, proclaiming your love atop the beautiful peak, surrounded by towering trees and natural beauty? While you’ll read your vows at your elopement ceremony, there’s something so intimate about reading them privately to one another. These vows aren’t for your family or wedding guests but promise you to make to one another. Private vow readings are always an emotional and memorable moment for couples to take in the day and feel the words being said.

An elopement is always an incredibly emotional and memorable day. Planning intentional moments of privacy and alone time will enhance the day and create memories to last a lifetime. Your love deserves to come first, celebrating the life-altering commitment to each other. Choose your love and celebrate it well.

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