Best Playgrounds In Denver


As part of my Spring Break Staycation Fun Guide, I’ve been chronicling the best activities for you and your family, right here in our city! So today’s post is a little sneak peek, because I love to share my Denver family photographer secrets with you. We’re talking about all the best playgrounds in Denver!

single mom holding hands with her three children and walking down a dirt path while the sun sets through the trees in a local part

City Park Playground

As parents, what is better than a clean (and free!) day at the park? City Park is huge, and full of fun places for picnicking, but the playground is an especially magical spot to play! The playground was redone in 2021, and has a castle theme with accessible equipment for all kids. Vanquish the giant blue dragon on the playground—or hide in its mouth—for a fun spring activity. 

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Paco Sanchez Park

At Knox Court and 14th Avenue, Paco Sanchez park has an amazing playground! With a massive beehive climbing structure and tons of slides, parents and kids both love playing here! There’s a lovely lawn and nearby skateboarding so everyone will have tons of fun. 

Washington Park Playground

You’ll definitely feel springy playing with the bugs at Washington Park Playground. Here on Franklin St., you’ll find a gorgeous garden. But the star of the show is literally the bugs! Giant climbable bees, ladybugs, and flowers are so fun for kids.

fall family photos with denver family photographers with children running around their parents as they stand in a field together with a grove of trees to the right

Rosamond Park Playground

The playground at Rosamond Park, on Quincy Avenue, is great for littler kids. It’s a classic playground, with swings, a sandpit, and a cool bouncy car. Basketball and tennis courts aren’t too far from the playground. Make it a picnic and sit on the tables, or go explore the creek running nearby. 

Central Park

And of course, we have to mention the amazing-ness of Central Park’s playground! Musical options, a hot wheels track, and tons of places for climbing for both olders and youngers! There’s a tire swing, which for me brings back tons of fun memories. There’s even a splash pad for cooling off in the summer heat later this year. 

It’s my hope that you and your family make happy memories together at the best playgrounds in Denver. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you can get even more from my Denver Spring Break Staycation Fun Guide! Or, click here to book your spring session with Denver family photographers.

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