Morning Photoshoot Perks For Families


As a Denver family photographer, I’ve worked with tons of different families! Setting aside time for your family’s photos is always a little difficult, but I am always trying to make it a more relaxing, simpler process. One idea is to take photos in the early morning. In the spring and summer, there are definite perks to a morning photoshoot for families. Read on to see if this might be a good solution for your family.

Denver family photographer captures mother and father chasing baby

Great Light 

Light is the backbone of a good session, so photographers usually recommend going out at around dusk for that beautiful golden hour. But did you know that sunrises also offer a soft light that’s great for photos? Sunrises are unique—different from sunsets. So no stress about skipping the light in the evening. 

Denver family photographer captures mother and child touching foreheads

High Energy

I know what it’s like to be a mom of small kids, and I know it can be a big issue to have photos later in the day, when we may have missed nap time, and we’re all exhausted from a busy day. Kids often have lots of energy to burn in the morning, so it’s a great time to have a playful session with happy smiles before the day has worn on. This is especially great for babies!

Free Day

Next, it can get so hectic in the spring and summer. Many families get busy with hobbies and sports, graduations and end-of-school-year activities. Another great thing about a morning session? You’ll have the rest of the day free to get back to everything else. 

Denver family photographer captures family sitting in grass together

Fewer Crowds

As the weather warms up, you’ll see people start to gather at recreational spots here in Denver. Since it can be hard to take photos with a distracting crowd, your family may be more comfortable heading to a popular spot in the AM. There’s less traffic, fewer people, but the same great backdrops.

So even though it’s a bit unconventional, I think you might really enjoy having a morning photoshoot with Denver family photographers, especially now that the spring days are beginning! If you want more ideas for kids this spring, join my newsletter by clicking here, or by DMing me the word “spring” on Instagram. I’m offering my Denver Spring Break Staycation Fun Guide for all things family fun!

Denver family photographer captures family laughing together during outdoor family photos