Denver Date Ideas With Kids


Denver family photographers know how hard it can be to gather the family for your photo session. And you guys already know that having a good experience together is crucial to getting the authentic photos you love! So, I thought I’d share date ideas with kids so you can plan to make memories before, during, and after your family pictures. 

Virginia waterfront provides a lovely backdrop to a family standing under a tree in photo by Denver family photographers


Before your family session, check out one of Denver’s amazing family museums! It’s a great way to get out the kids’ energy before taking your family pictures. 

Children’s Museum at Denver Marsico Campus

Enjoy everything from bubbles to balance here. Themed rooms and interactive experiences are kid-approved for all ages. 

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Interact and learn about the natural world through exhibits on wildlife, geology, and your favorite: dinosaurs. 

Four Mile Historic Park

Check out the western history of Denver with activities at Four Mile Historic Park. Pasture animals, gardens, and interactive, themed monthly events makes this a great place to revisit over again.

Denver family photographers capture little boy laying on blanket with sister smiling

Nature and Hiking

How about date ideas with kids that could actually include your photographer? I’d love to head out with your family on the trails and capture your memories in real time!

Washington Park Loop

This park has a lake for fishing and a loop walking trail that is easy and fun for kids and pets. 

Lookout Mountain Park 

There are tons of family-friendly trails around here, but even better? It makes a beautiful backdrop for your family photos! 

Denver family photographers capture father playing with son during outdoor family portraits

Crazy Fun Stuff

Is your family full of rambunctious personalities? After your pictures with Denver family photographers, blow off some steam at these exciting locations. 

Bad Axe Throwing 

Be bold and throw some recreational axes with your kids. It is safe and kids can throw with the support of their guardian. 

Apex Denver Parkour and Athletics

Your kids can climb, run, jump, and swing from the parkour builds in the gym, with instruction from Apex professionals. 

A mother and son look at each other while dad laughs with baby under autumn trees in a photo by Denver family photographers

Do you have other date ideas with kids? Please share them with me! I love finding new places to take playful, creative photos of my families. Or, if you’re ready to book your next session with Denver family photographers, contact me here. 

Denver family photographers capture family smiling together during outdoor family photos