Best Colors For Family Pictures Outside


Ready for your next family session? Your outdoor photos with Denver family photographers are probably going to include the blues, greens, and browns of nature. Our hope is to complement those colors, not outshine them—or blend in. The best colors for family pictures outside depends on a few factors, so let’s consider them from the POV of a photographer!

Denver family photographers capture family smiling together during outdoor family photos

Earth tones

First, it’s always a safe bet to go with other colors that show up in nature rather than synthetic or neon colors. I’d always recommend colors that complement, not compete with your surrounding, as well as your own skin tones. Time and time again, I find the colors that work best to be warm earth tones like dusty mauve, rustic orange, camel, brown, creme and ivory.

But, be careful not to pick shades that will camouflage you in your photos. For example, green is great to wear for family pictures at a lakeside, because your backdrops will include blue and tan. If you wore green into the forest, though, your figure may disappear into the green trees and shrubs behind you. When in doubt, consider your location and pick a natural color that would create an appealing color contrast.

Denver family photographers capture family playing outdoors during family photos

Colors To Stay Away From

Bright colors tend to overpower you and your surroundings. They can even be more of a distraction in your family pictures. Although we want to choose a color palette that will contrast with our surroundings, it is essential to choose something other than one that will take over the subject of the photos.

Colors that Match Your Family

Of course, when considering the best colors for family pictures outside, also consider what colors are best for YOUR family. Each family comes with different skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, etc. It’s worth picking colors that look beautiful on your family. What we’re really showcasing is you! And if you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin, it will definitely show up in your photos. 

Denver family photographers capture mother and father holding arms

Colors that Match Your Home Décor

One of my Denver family photographers’ tips is also to consider your home décor! If you plan to display your family photos above your fireplace, you might select outfits that you know would look nice on the walls of your home. Once your photos are printed, you’ll be glad that you took the time to match your aesthetics, I promise. 

In short, the best colors for family pictures outside are the ones that you choose! Denver family photographers are ready to help you make your family shine! I’d love to work with you and yours, so book a session with me!

Denver family photographers capture father kissing cheek of child