Spring Family Photos


Spring is approaching, and we Denver family photographers are ready for the warmth and a more mellow season. However, many families don’t take advantage of a Spring photo session, which is a shame because there is so much good in the Spring that you can’t get in the summer or fall. Here are our favorite things about spring family photos!

Denver family photographers capture family running through grass during spring family photos

Weather Warming Up

I love spring family pictures because, after a long, cold winter, it is nice to get out in warmer weather and explore as a family. With warmer weather also comes the new life that springtime offers. So you can pose your family on beautiful backdrops of wildflowers starting to bloom, with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

In addition to being beautiful, spring is a comfortable season. Summer sessions are fun but hot, while fall and winter can get a bit nippy. Spring is a great time to capture the warmth and throw on a light sweater in the evening if needed.

Denver family photographers captures kids running during spring family photos

Beautiful Colors

I mentioned this before, but how can I emphasize the beauty of spring? The colors are outstanding, with new buds and blooms adding gorgeous colors to your final gallery. Also, the bright, vibrant green that comes with the recent growth of grasses and leaves is unique to spring. It’s hard to beat the vibrance of spring. And don’t forget to take advantage of the hues of the sun setting!

Denver family photographers capture family walking together holding hands

Spring Family Photos Have Later Sunsets

Speaking of sunsets, let’s talk about timing. With daylight savings approaching, the days will become longer and more enjoyable in the evenings. That means we will have later sunsets to work with. So instead of having family pictures taken at 4 pm to catch the sunset at 4:30-5 pm while dealing with hungry kids right before dinner, you can enjoy dinner first and skip the drama!

Denver family photographers capture mother sitting on rock with children

Not As Crowded As Fall

All Denver family photographers know that fall is our busy season! Something about the end of the year approaching causes families to want to document their lives and loves before winter is here, which can fill our schedules quickly! So, instead of hoping to steal a spot on the schedule in the fall, you should have spring family photos and enjoy having a more extensive selection of dates and times!

Would you be ready to book your Spring Family Photos? Let’s chat and get you on the schedule!

Denver family photographers capture children walking with parents