Tips For Engagement Photo Outfits


Although your outfit isn’t what your engagement photos revolve around, it makes a big difference in the outcome of your session. If you feel comfortable, attractive, and well-coordinated, that will show through in the images! It will add to your confidence as well as the aesthetic. So here are tips for engagement photo outfits from your trusted Colorado elopement photographer!

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Put Comfort First

Now, I am not saying you should attend your engagement session in sweats. I am saying that you need to be comfortable in your clothing. Don’t choose shoes you have never worn before, don’t pick bottoms that you can barely move in, don’t be uncomfortable! From the fabric to the fit, ensure you feel confident in the outfit before even considering wearing it for your engagement photos!

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Coordinate, Don’t Match

When you coordinate your closets and pick outfits that complement one another, your final gallery will have a high-end, timeless look. And isn’t that the goal?! We want this to look different from a ’90s catalog for matching couples’ outfits. Instead, we want something that looks natural, inviting, and coordinated.

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Location Matters

Consider your location as you pick out your engagement photo outfits. If we will be hiking to the top of a mountain for a majestic view, don’t wear a fitted dress, as it won’t be comfortable. And if you want to, bring a change of clothes that are easier to walk in! And in addition to considering your comfort with location, think of your color palette and vibe. Don’t wear green in the woods, you’ll blend in. Instead, find ways to compliment your location while standing out from the backdrop.

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Multiple Outfits

I briefly mentioned this above, but let’s go over bringing a change of clothes. You can bring a change of clothes to be comfortable while getting to your location. However, I also recommend bringing an outfit change to get a more extensive variety in your final gallery. I recommend having a casual outfit, as well as a more dressed-up option.

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Express Yourself!

Now is the time to be unapologetically you, whether through a pop of color or your own personal style. Don’t shy away from what you love to wear for your engagement photo outfits. This is all about who you are and how well you get along with your forever person.

Are you considering Colorado for your engagement pictures? Reach out, and I can share my experience for the best locations!

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