Questions To Ask Denver Wedding Photographer Before Booking


Singing a contract with any wedding vendor is big deal. Especially with your Denver wedding photographer. After all, your wedding photographer will be with you the entire day to capture every memory! To be sure you find the right fit, come prepared and ask Denver wedding photographer these 5 questions.

Denver wedding photographer captures couple standing on rock during bridal portraits

How Many Weddings Do You Book In A Weekend?

You deserve a wedding photographer who will give you 100% on your big day. As a Denver wedding photographer I pose couples, fluff gowns, gather groups for family photos and so much more. This can take a lot of energy and leave photographers wiped out at the end of the day. And can make it difficult to give a unmatched experience when booking multiple weddings in a weekend. Be sure your photographer has some type of boundaries, like at least a day between weddings, so they can give all their energy to you!

Denver wedding photographer captures bride and groom's shoes during bridal portraits

What Is Your Guaranteed Delivery?

This is a subject that should be addressed and written in your contract. Consider the following questions. How many images per hour will your photographer deliver? By what day will they be delivered by? What is the process with asking for specific edits? Do you get sneak peaks within 48 hours? These are all questions to ask to make sure you understand the quantity and timeline for receiving your wedding photos.

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How Will I Receive My Images?

Most Denver photographers deliver your images with an online gallery. While others will give you a physical USB to store your images on. And some only deliver prints and a specific number of digital images. Every Denver wedding photographer is different, so be sure to ask!

Denver wedding photographer captures couple embracing on rock during bridal portraits

Do You Offer Albums & Prints?

Albums and prints from your photographer will be a greater quality than if you were to print your wedding photos at a local drugstore, like a CVS. Some Denver photographers even offer prints included in their wedding packages to ensure you have stunning images to display in your home, that also are high quality.

Finding the right Denver wedding photographer for you may seem overwhelming. But at the end of the day, consider what you expect and create a list of correlating questions! And as always, I am here to answer any wedding questions. So reach out and let’s chat!

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