How To Book Your Colorado Elopement Photographer


Looking to book your Colorado Elopement Photographer? But maybe you are feeling unsure with the process, or even intimidated! And that is okay. Chances are you have never booked a photographer for such an important grand event. And while every photographer is a little different in their processes, here is how I onboard my clients and get your elopement booked!

Colorado elopement photographer captures bride and groom walking together after elopement

Check The Date!

Simply send me a message with your date and schedule a call. It really is that easy to get started! I want to hear about all you have planned. As well as learn about you, your partner and what’s important to you both. I also want to be sure iamb available for your date! If I am free for your date, we’ll plan a video, or phone call, to dig into the details of your day and get to know each other a bit more.

Let’s Get Ready

Once you book your Colorado elopement photographer (that’s me!), we’ll get to planning the nitty gritty of your day. Maybe you already have it covered or you have a planner on board, but a lot of times couples need an extra hand with their adventure. And i am here to help whether you are getting married in Colorado, Paris, NYC, Mexico or anywhere else your hearts desire!

Colorado elopement photographer captures bride and groom holding hands during elopement ceremony

The Big Day

Your wedding day has arrived! This is the time to relax and have fun and let me take care of capturing all the good times. Enjoy each other, and special moments you have planned (and all the unplanned ones too). As well as the friends and family you may have invited to be with you. I’ll take care of making sure it’s all remembered beautifully!

Gallery Delivery

You had the time of your lives and now you can’t wait to see the proof! Six weeks after your session you will see an email pop into your inbox inviting you to view all the images from your elopement. Grab your love, a glass of vino, and maybe even a tissue or two and enjoy reliving the day together!

Order Prints, An Album & Enjoy!

You’ve fallen in love with each other, you’ve fallen in love with your photos, now let’s fall in love with some art! Whether it’s some framed prints, a beautiful storytelling album or a giant canvas, don’t let your photos get lost on your computer. In the age of cell phone photos and corrupt hard drives, making sure we print our photos is more important than ever so that when today’s technology is obsolete in 50 years, our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the beautiful printed work you picked out today!

Get more of the details for your Colorado elopement! And if you are ready to book or have any questions, reach out!