Indoor and Outdoor Snow Day Activities for Kids


Snow days are so much fun in the winter months! There’s nothing like waking up early with the boys and sharing their excitement when we hear that schools are closed for the day. However, if you live in a place like Colorado that gets quite a bit of the pretty white stuff each year, the snowman building, sledding, and snowball fighting starts to grow old after the first few days off from school – and then we’re left looking for things to do! Well, this year, I’ve got you covered with lots of indoor and outdoor ideas! Here are over 20 fun snow day activities.

Indoor Snow Day Activities

Pull out all the blankets and pillows and build a fort!

Make a couple batches of your favorite cookies. (Looking for ideas? Check out My Favorite Holiday Cookies for some of our favorite recipes!)

Have an indoor campout complete with tents, sleeping bags, twinkle lights, and lanterns. Read age-appropriate scary stories around a pretend campfire before bedtime and don’t forget the s’mores, trail mix, and other treats!

Did the temps drop below freezing? Make ice lanterns or ice globes.

Play some board games. Some of our favorites are Throw Throw Burrito, Uno, Guess Who, Monopoly, and Twister.

Decorate the house with snowflakes. You might choose to make the traditional ones cut out of paper or pull out some coffee filters and watercolor paints or markers for a more colorful version.

Blow freezing bubbles. Or try some other winter science experiments!

Make slime. It’s always a hit with my boys, but if the mess makes you cringe, you might try cloud slime, mess-less slime, or this taste safe slime for little ones!

Gather the family together for some friendly competition and play Minute to Win It Games.

Make your own snow or snow play dough. For younger kids, make it into a fun sensory bin!

Have a spa day, and be sure to let your kids pamper you, too!

Make DIY handwarmers to keep fingers toasty during a day of playing in the snow.

Host an indoor picnic or tea party.

Get a jumpstart on your valentines!

Give in and watch a snow day movie. (Need some suggestions? Check out Frozen, The Mighty Ducks, Jack Frost, The Chronicles of Narnia, Happy Feet, Mr. Poppers Penguins, Ice Age, or March of the Penguins)

Outside Snow Day Activities

Look for animal tracks outside and make snow cakes or bird feeders for the animals.

Go on a winter scavenger hunt.

Make snow ice cream. Follow a recipe or just keep it simple with milk or cream, a couple spoonfuls of sugar, and a smidge of vanilla.

Tire the kids out with an outdoor obstacle course.

Help the kids start a hot cocoa stand – like a lemonade stand, but with cocoa in thermoses, marshmallows, and cookies to treat all the neighbors on chilly days.

Build a snow maze.

Make a snow kitchen (like a mud kitchen, but with the white fluffy stuff!)

Paint the snow.

Make ice suncatchers and hang them from tree branches in the yard.

Learn Together!

Learn something new together! Whether you’re home for an extended break or stuck inside for a blizzard or bigger storm, I hope you’ll check out of these educational sites for some more fun ideas:

For School Age Kids


Outschool is a wonderful site where you or your child (with permission) can search for online classes on just about any subject they can think of! My boys have loved this resource on Snow Days, Holiday Breaks or rainy summer days when they need to fill in some time and want to learn something new. Everything from ‘How to draw this specific thing’ to ‘How to cook a special something’ to ‘Travel to this far off place’ to ‘Learn all about this special wild animal (sometimes even with live demos!’ and everything in between. You can search by price, age, subject, time and day of the week, and duration, as some classes are one-off’s and some are recurring series (great for the Homeschool parent!). Such a wonderful resource that our family continues to enjoy.

Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub has been a treasured resource for year now, because it’s fun, friendly an approachable for anyone who wants to draw anything! Led by an upbeat family, these step by step drawing tutorials which usually feature the dad and one of his kids guide you through how to draw and then color in nearly anything you can think of. Cartoon characters, foods, action figures, holiday drawings, ships from Star Wars, anything! I even used it once or twice during lessons in my art-teaching days because it is so fun and kid friendly. Give it a try!

For Toddlers or Younger Siblings

Busy Toddler

I loved this site when the boys were a bit younger. The activities you’ll find on this former teacher’s site are equally simple to setup and always educational. You’ll find everything from sensory bins and art to science, math, and seasonal activities. In the cold winter months, you might check out her list of 20+ Winter Activities for Kids of All Ages.


This mom of three girls has a number of ideas that would be perfect to use when stuck inside with little ones. She has sensory activities (some that are even safe for tasting!) and activities that use recycled materials you’ll likely have around the house. On a snow day, you might try Building a Magnetic Tile Maze , a Wipeable Paint Board, or Ice Painting.

What are your favorite snow day activities?

I would love to hear from you with some of your family’s favorite things to do on a snow day or winter holiday break! What else should I add to my list to try with my boys this winter? Which of these ideas are you most excited to try with your kids?

Of course, I’m always available to capture some fun winter moments with your family this year. Reach out to me with any questions and to share your plans or vision for a family photo session with me. If you’re ready to book your next session, head directly to my scheduling page to view my availability and lock in a date and time. I can’t wait to hear from you!