My Favorite Holiday Cookies


At our house, the holidays just aren’t complete without…cookies! In fact, since the boys were young, I’ve realized that the entire week leading up to Christmas is just one continuous sugar high! There are the treats at school parties, goodies arriving in the mail from friends and family, and of course lots of cookie baking at home! So, I’ve just learned to embrace it and join the fun!

This year, we made batches of some tried and true holiday cookie recipes, but we also added some new ones to the mix, like the Christmas Monster and Neopolitan Cookies you’ll find on this list of some of my favorite holiday cookie recipes. Enjoy!

The Classics

Starting with some of the classics, you absolutely have to make some sugar cookies with royal icing! Or you could try something similar with a chocolate twist. I always like breaking out my Cookie Press for some Classic Buttery Holiday Spritz Cookies!


I really love to make Italian pizzelles and my favorite recipes are ones with an orange amaretto or anise flavor. This year, I’m going to try filling my orange amaretto pizzelles with cinnamon cream like in the recipe I’ve included above (Note: Baking soda is listed as an ingredient with the quantity in the comments!). Or if you prefer the anise flavor instead, you might try the classic pizzelle recipe!

Tried & True Favorites

Stained Glass Window Cookies

You can’t get a ‘prettier’ cookie than these stained glass window cookies, but it does require having big AND small sized cookie cutters. Otherwise, easy to make!

Neopolitan Cookies

We just made these for the first time and they were a HIT! Just like the ice cream trio – rich chocolate, yummy vanilla, and that sweet burst of strawberry, all in a cookie! Genius!

Christmas Monster Cookies

We also recently made these! I am not sure how Teighan from Half Baked Harvest jammed so much into one cookie and still made it taste good, but she did and it’s awesome!

Ginger & Molasses

Pan Banging Ginger Molasses Cookies

I LOVE molasses. Like, I lick the spoon, want to scoop it out of the jar and drink it… So how about this recipe?! Or maybe you’d prefer a gingersnap!

A Little Fruity

Chocolate Orange Sablés

Chocolate and orange go together so well, and these sables are oh-so-good!

Half and Half White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Here’s something a little different! How about a little raspberry in your cookie world?!

Stamped Citrus Shortbread Cookies

How about something on the fruity side of things!

Minty Lime Bars

Two of my favorite flavors put together: lime and mint (sounds like a mojito in a cookie, right!?).

For the Chocolate Lovers

Some of these Double Chocolate Chip Cookies will do the trick, but if you’d really like to dial it up a notch, try the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

These chocolate peanut butter blossom cookies have been a favorite forever and are so easy to make!

Peppermint & Chocolate

It isn’t Christmas without a little of that mint + chocolate flavor and a candy cane stripe, so be sure to try some Peppermint Stripes Cookies or another one of my holiday favorites, Candy Cane Cookies!

It just isn’t Christmas without holiday cookies!

Which of these recipes are you most excited to try? I hope you’ll share which ones you decide to make, along with any of your favorite family recipes, so I can add them to my list of holiday cookies for next year!

And of course, I’m always here with my camera, ready to capture some of your favorite holiday traditions with your family! I hope you’ll reach out to say hi or use my scheduling page to book a session.

Happy Holidays!