The Most Amazing Dads


What makes up the most amazing dad or father figure? This can be a difficult question to answer, and I am well aware that the relationship between father and child can often be a tricky one to navigate. However, I thought since we just celebrated Father’s Day it would be nice to call out those men in our lives who have done their utmost to rear us, be it a father, a grandfather, an adopted father, a stepfather, or even a brother, uncle, or even a ‘chosen father’.

My own pop-pop was the most kind and gentle man, I looked up to him so much as I was growing up. He is even part of the reason I first picked up a camera. My father and I had a little more complicated relationship, but he loved me in his own way, and I miss him very much. He passed away in 2018 and perfect though things may not have been, I will always wish I had more time to work on our bond.

And now, as a mother, I’ve been so lucky to see my husband as a dad- and just how present and loving he is with our two boys. He is involved in everything they do, and an active role model for them.

Amazing dads come in all kinds, and they all have some pretty great things in common, too–

The most amazing dads…


florida dad swings child at honeymoon island state park at sunset



Have their arms full.

Are surrounded.

extended family photo in the fall in colorado

Are strong.

Give hugs.

Play games.

family plays london bridge during family photo session in colorado

Are gentle.

Catch you every time.



Aren’t too serious.

Let their kids fly.



We’re so lucky to have these most amazing dads!

Amazing dads come in all forms and we celebrate them all: the soon-to-be dads, the step dads, the fathers-in-law, the grandpas, the adopted fathers, the uncles, brother, the dads of pets, and those kindhearted humans who step up and stand in as dads.

For your next session, why not set aside some time to celebrate the amazing dad in your life! In the same way we Celebrate Motherhood with Mom and Me sessions, we should absolutely do the same for the father figures in our lives, too! I hope you’ll take a moment to say hi, so we can discuss the details, and then when you’re ready – hop over to my schedule to put a date and time on the calendar!