4th of July South Rim Camping Trip


Over the 4th of July weekend, we decided to pack up Stefan’s new pride and joy (his Jeep Wrangler -with manual transmission to boot!) and went camping with some good friends. Mind you- I don’t do well without proper showers and toilets, nor am I a road warrior, so this was a feat for me! But what I do love is the beauty of Colorado, seeing lots of beautiful creatures (hello chipmunks!), and getting to gaze at the stars without the city lights getting in the way. 

Oh – and water. I love water, but it’s pretty hard to come by in this state! So getting to paddle board at Curecanti Recreation Center on the Blue Mesa Reservoir, and then plunging into the icy Gunnison River by the Cimarron Dam was a treat. The guys had a contest to see who could stay in the water the longest- the water was seriously ICE!

Seeing a camping trip through children’s eyes is the best, and I loved watching them be enthralled with every new discovery, get excited about s’mores, and marvel at seeing a shooting star for the first time. One of my favorite parts of the trip (albeit stressful and dirty since there were no showers) was when the kids created ‘dirt fireworks’ in the absence of real fireworks on the 4th. ‘Dirt Fireworks’ was coined by the kids themselves! After all- we are in a drought, were at a campsite, and have active fire bans throughout the state, so why not just through dirt everywhere instead?! It was pure unobliterated joy (and absolute mayhem from a parent’s perspective- but hilarious nonetheless) and the pictures are priceless!

We even made some tiny new friends near our campsite. I loved watching a chipmunk jump up and steal some leftover eggs…so cute! The animals certainly aren’t left wanting! 

Also, I have to say I think I won everyone over by besting s’mores (is that even possible!?) with this dessert. It was such a hit! 

If you’re looking for your next Colorado adventure…

I would absolutely recommend checking out South Rim Campground for a camping trip or one of the several state parks or recreational areas, and let me know if you’d like me to bring my camera along!