10 Reasons Why Beach Sessions Are Amazing!


Sun, Sand & Surf

Ok, I am going to admit it, I live in Colorado, and my number one complaint about living here is the fact that we are landlocked, with no ocean in sight!

Some of my fondest memories are those of being at the beach as a kid with my little brother, collecting shells, and playing in the waves. I would get so excited when we’d come across a shallow pool of water to explore or a sandbar we could stand on, and making sand castles that would ultimately just get washed away was the best. Even today, there is no better calming feeling than sitting by the ocean listening to the waves crashing in, feeling the sand in between my toes, and hearing the gulls up above. If any of this is resonating with you, then chances are getting your family together and doing some photos at the beach this year instead of your usual spot might just be the best decision you have made all year!

Take a look through my list of super-convincing reasons of why I think your should DEFINITELY schedule your next photo session at the beach, and let me know if I missed anything! I know my own family and I will be doing our photos at the beach this year, and if I am sold, why not you!?

  1. You avoid the hassle of scheduling in the fall. When school is back in session, photographers’ calendars are also filling up. How wonderful would it feel to already have your Christmas card photos ready to send in September?!
  1. The beach is one of the best places for playing. I mean, who doesn’t love sunshine, sand, and getting to splash in the waves?! The beach is like a playground – just without the swings and slides. 
  1. The beach allows for endless outfit options. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy white tees and blue jeans for family beach sessions. Dress up or down. Wear a fun bathing suit or flowy maxi dress.
  1. Beach photos are beautiful, regardless of the weather. It’s pretty difficult for a few clouds or cooler temperatures to ruin a session with a magical beach as the backdrop. Even if the sun refuses to shine on the day of your session, the photos will still look stunning.
  1. The beach makes people instantly feel happier. I can give you all of the scientific reasons why this is the case, but seriously – I think the proof is in the photos!
  1. Everyone has that summer glow! There’s something about sun-kissed skin, tan lines, and healthy-looking complexions from being outside in the fresh summer air that gives photos a little something extra. (Of course, we never want sunburns or over-exposure to the sun, so remember to still lather up with sunscreen!) 
  1. There are so many location options, and they’re all incredibly scenic and breathtaking. While I regularly hit the beaches in Delaware and Florida each year, I’m always looking for new destinations to add to my list. While I have plans to be in Hawaii this year, it’s never a bad idea to reach out and see if we could meet during your next vacation – wherever the destination might be. The memories we create will be priceless! 
  1. A beach session is the perfect excuse for a family vacation and another way to capture lots of special memories. If your family makes an annual trip to a specific beach, why not add a photo session to your itinerary this time?! Hiring a photographer as part of your next vacation plans doesn’t have to be expensive! While it is an investment, it’s certainly not as pricey as some people think. Be sure to ask me about my special rates and incentives when you’re looking for your next destination photographer. 
  1. One word: sunsets. There’s a number of reasons why photographers love scheduling photo sessions at sunset. The light is stunning. The colors are vibrant. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy photo, this is the time to do it. The photos we’ll create will be simply magical.
  1. There are so many things to do after your session is over. Our session is only one of many memories to bring home with you from your beach vacation. As we wrap things up, continue to play and splash in the waves. Look for seashells. Grab a blanket and have dinner on the beach. Walk the boardwalk or window shop at the little seaside shops. Go fishing or surfing. And best of all – soak up the sun with your loved ones. 

If you’re planning a session elsewhere and looking for a destination photographer…

I’d be honored to join you to help capture those special memories! Let’s schedule a beach session with you and your loved ones this year. Reach out directly to plan the perfect session by the sea!