Friends, parents and Christmas aficionados! I'm thrilled you are here! It's time to get festive, get the kids in their Holiday finest, or their coziest cutest PJ's and prepare yourself for cute overload! With two Holiday session options available, you'll have no reason not to WOW your friends with this years holiday card! 

santa session

$300 session fee

15 minute Session
6 digital images

(option to upgrade)

Santa is flying his sleigh to Denver once more! This year come share your wishes with Santa in a classic and cozy library set, and then pop over to a bright and merry orange set too! Sessions are a one-on-one experience with Santa for your child (or children) and are scheduled back to back with other sessions. Children only please.

TWO Holiday session options

Saturday, November 11
Denver Photo Collective
Denver, CO
8:30- 11:00am 

Holiday session (no santa)

$325 session fee

15 minute Session
6 digital images

(option to upgrade)

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Held at Studio Avenue in Westminster, these sessions are a perfectly short and sweet festive Holiday celebration! There will be a variety of holiday backdrops available during the session. (Sample photos not yet available.) Can be for just the kids or a family up to 5 people.

Saturday, december 2
studio avenue
westminster, CO
10:00- 11:30am 

Santa sessions are $300 and include your favorite 6 images from a gallery of all the best images. Holiday (non Santa) sessions are $275 and include your 5 favorites. Should you decide you want more images, you may choose to upgrade by selecting an extra digital image or two, purchasing the entire gallery, and/or purchasing print products. 

I get asked this ALL the time. I've used the same delightful Santa for the last several years and we have some tricks up our sleeves, but the truth is, some kids will cry, some are afraid of Santa, some will be shy and some won't smile. And honestly that's ok. I believe as a parent myself it's best to embrace and enjoy these moments of truth for what they are, save the memories to look back on and enjoy, and maybe even laugh at later on. However if your child is not enjoying Santa, we'll have him step aside and I will photograph your child without Santa in the beautiful set. If you are at all worried, consider booking a non-Santa Holiday session. Unfortunately refunds cannot be issued.

This years Santa Sessions will take place at Denver Photo Collective in Denver, CO.

Holiday Sessions will take place at Studio Avenue in Westminster, CO.

Specific address to be given upon booking.

I do! Santa will be in red (of course!) and the set will be a mixture of dark blues, greens, silver & gold. I generally find it best to bring as much focus to the subjects of the photo and less on what they are wearing, so I always suggest neutrals. during both sessions, there will be a lot going on in the background, so sticking to neutrals such as ivory & cream, tan & gray is advised. Pj's or simple sweaters and dresses are perfect. Overly fancy dresses with tons of extra fabric, bright colors and prints, and stiff suits tend to distract away from your adorable children, as well as clash with the set and compete with Santa's suit!

Sessions, as well as the set itself are designed for Santa and up to 3 children only. If you have more than three children, please book 2 back to back time slots. The sessions, Santa or not, are scheduled back to back with other clients, and with limited time to focus just on your wonderful children. If you would like the whole family photographed, please consider booking a family session

For Santa Sessions at Denver Photo Collective we'll have 2 distinctive looks! Santa will be joining us in the 'library'. A cozy, traditional space with rich holiday colors, and classic Christmas details that say 'Merry Everything!' The second look is a bright and modern creme and orange space with sparkles of gold.

For Holiday Sessions at Studio Avenue, there will be 3 looks, ranging from a very merry gingerbread set to a classic green sitting area and a warm and inviting kitchen scene! 

PLEASE NOTE: These are sample photos for the SANTA Sessions which with be at DENVER PHOTO COLLECTIVE, a photography studio in Denver, CO.

Studio Avenue Holiday Set photos will be made available as soon as possible.

the look

the holiday sets

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important notes

REFUNDS, RESCHEDULES & CANCELLATIONS: All sessions are non- refundable, but can be transferred to another party. If you fall ill before your session, you may transfer your session to someone else or use your session fee towards a session with Erin Lassahn Photography within 6 months.

TIMING: I kindly ask that you arrive PROMPTLY at your session time. Santa is a very busy man this time of year and these sessions are scheduled back to back. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your session time will be forfeited. Please plan accordingly for traffic, snow, slick roads, construction, getting your child ready, etc.

YOUR ARRIVAL: To avoid a crowd and keep things calm during each session, I ask that you come to the studio door no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

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