"I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier."

What it would feel like not to have to search your phone for outdated photos? To have fresh new content for your instagram page, sales pages, and website? How would you like to have photos of yourself that show who you really are, and capture the essence of what you do? These special mini brand sessions are just for YOU

1st ever mini branding session event!

$450 395 session fee

- 30 Minute Session
- 10 Digital Images
- 2 Outfit Changes
- Multiple Scenes
(option to upgrade)

* Refer a friend for this branding day and double your take home images!

I am excited to capture the essence of you and your brand in these special sessions in a fantastic styled space where you can relax, get comfortable, and show off what makes your business so unique. This is a rare opportunity to save 60% off a full branding package and still walk home with a multi-scene, multi outfit, branding experience that saves you both time and money - but isn't short on quality or images!

mini branding session

Sunday, march 19
styled location - highlands Denver

Now offering a Mini Headshot option on
March 19 as well! 


Enjoy multiple settings throughout a styled space in the Highlands in west Denver. Address will be provided upon booking. The space is light-filled, modern and slightly boho with ample opportunities to sit, stand and show off your personality. Styled just enough to provide character but no so much that it will outshine you and your brand! 

the look

styled space

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important notes

REFUNDS, RESCHEDULES & CANCELLATIONS: All sales are final and refunds cannot be given under any circumstance. If you fall ill before your session, you may transfer your session to someone else or use your session fee towards a session with Erin Lassahn Photography within 6 months.

TIMING: I kindly ask that you arrive PROMPTLY at your session time. Sessions are scheduled back to back. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your session time will be forfeited. Please plan accordingly for traffic, snow, slick roads, construction, etc.

CLOTHING CHANGES: You are invited to change outfits once during the session, with the knowledge that our session is 30 minutes in length total. Please come dressed and ready to be photographed at the start of your session, and prepared for a 'quick change'. If you prefer not to be rushed, sticking with one outfit for the duration is a-ok! 

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