Erin is wonderful to work with. Our family has had multiple photo shoots with Erin, and we've been delighted with the results. Erin is friendly, professional, great with kids, and selects gorgeous locations for our photos. Highly recommend!

the family look

Most of my family sessions are conducted outdoors, and the most ideal timing is either just after sunrise or just before sunset for optimal lighting conditions. For Delaware sessions, I do book sessions at times throughout the day, but mid-day sessions should be booked at a location with ample shade. I have lots of locations to suggest, but I love hearing your ideas too. Some places do require permits and sometimes additional fees may apply, so advance planning is key. I encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment. For location ideas outside of the Delaware area, please get in touch. The sky is the limit!

My biggest goal for your session is for you to walk away with photos that showcase the bonds that tie your family together. I will always aim to get you the mantle piece photo somewhere in your session, but I'm willing to bet the photos you end up loving the most (and the ones that make my heart sing) are the ones where moms are snuggling their boys, or dads are spinning their girls dizzy. We will laugh, play games, tickle, run, twirl, and get a little silly! If I am lucky, your kids will either beg for the session to continue or forget I am there, both because they are having so much fun!

it's all about connection

where should we meet?

That love is all-inclusive, or it's not love. It is my honor to document love and family in all ways, shapes, sizes and colors. I am a proud support of the LGBTQ+ community and BLM. I support clients of all gender identities, ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations. I adore photographing the wide array of personalities and people that come before my lens and welcome diversity in all its forms.

i believe

yes! this is us, we're in!

The 'in the light' family session is perfect for families who...

the family feel

Are up for an adventure! Splashing the waves, hiking a trail, exploring street art downtown, or even jumping in the backyard pool- these are everyday parts of a ELP family photo session.

Love to get a little dressed up. Beautiful dresses for mom and the girls, and dapper threads for the dudes big and small- yet you also don't mind getting a little ruffled while having fun together!   

Love snuggling, cuddling, hugging, smooching and generally loving on each other! 

Are ready to PLAY! Games, piggyback rides, tickles, flying high, and just having a great time. 

Are relaxed, easy going and flexible when need be.

Includes the following:

A fun and relaxed session for you and your closest loves! Basically one big love-fest-laugh-til-you-drop-playdate.

- Up to one hour of photography
- Your favorite 25 digital images with an option to upgrade to all
- Print products available for purchase
- Styling guidance & location planning
- Immediate family only (no extended families)

$250 retainer required to book and reserve date, credited toward the total session cost.
Delaware & Northern Maryland area.

$775 | Oct 20 & 21

session pricing

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print shop

A wide array of beautiful print products are available for purchase through your gallery in the custom print shop. These include framed prints, canvas gallery wraps, albums, greeting cards, metal prints, acrylic prints, and more. It's the perfect way to ensure that your special memories are preserved for years to come, and are not forgotten about on a hard drive or phone!

let's make some art

custom artwork

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session prep + what to wear

I know planning for a family photo session can sometimes feel overwhelming, but that's the last thing I want you worrying about. Once booked, I will send you a style guide to make outfit planning a breeze, and over on my blog I have post after post of helpful tips and resources on how to prepare for your session, from session prep tips to creative session ideas and helpful hints on what to wear for the whole family!

let's get ready

all you need to know

Thank you!

I'll be in touch soon.

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