Wedding Regrets | What Real Brides Would Have Done Differently


As a Colorado elopement photographer I don’t want you to have any wedding regrets. But, everyone has some, even when it comes to your elopement. I asked my brides what they would have done differently for their elopement in the Rockies and this is what they said.

bride and groom standing on a mountain top in the red rocks and embracing one another while looking out to the valley of trees and shrubs for their colorado elopement

Extra Pair Of Shoes

There were so many comments on shoes, it made me laugh! The biggest take away from this is that you can always change your shoes. Wear hiking boots or sneakers on the trails, then change to your bridal shoes when you get to the location.

If you are planning to elope in the late Spring, Summer or Fall months, you can definitely get away with wearing sneakers or even flats depending on the trail. However, if you are planning a Winter wedding you will want boots. If there is any chance of snow, be prepared to stay warm.

“DONT WEAR HEELS ON THE MOUNTAIN NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TELL YOURSELF YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth it. Bring them for photos and wear flats.”

“Would recommend bringing a extra pair of shoes (bring a pair of flat especially in the mountains) and jacket”

“Comfortable shoes of course.”

Colorado elopement photographer captures bride and groom standing together during outdoor bridal portraits

Celebrate More!

Your wedding day gets to be exactly what you want it to be. And just because you are choosing to elope, doesn’t mean you have to forgo a celebration! Pop the champagne, slice into a wedding cake, and even invite your closest friends and family to come celebrate with you. This is your day, you deserve to celebrate the way you want to.

“Remembered to bring the bottle of champagne for a popping photo!”

“We would have brought a cake with us to cut on the mountain instead of waiting until after dinner at our rental (felt more like a hassle because we were already full).”

“I wish i would have had some family members with me.”

Colorado elopement photographer captures elopement details with wedding cake

Honeymoon Regrets

It may not be about the wedding, but it is about your experience. A lot of my couples are destination elopements that come from across the nation to get married in Colorado and honeymoon after. Remember that Colorado has a lot to offer, so travel a little while you are here. Choose to stay in a few different towns and participate in a variety of activities.

“We stayed in Manitou Springs, which was fun for a night or two, but I wish we would’ve moved on more towards Colorado Springs for the rest of the week. Manitou Springs is fun to visit, but it’s very busy and small, and more of a tourist trap. It would’ve been nice to have more of a variety of bars and restaurants nearby.”

Denver wedding photographer captures couple standing on rock during bridal portraits

Photography Wedding Regrets

The wedding regrets that hurt me the most are those related to photography. Before you elopement we will be in contact and during that time we will talk about your “must have shots”. With these really try and think outside of the box. Of course you are going to want photos of the ceremony and stunning bridals on top of a mountain. But there are also other little moments that you may want to remember. Tell me about those!

“Also, wish we had a couple faux getting ready photos at the car or something cute.”

This one is maybe more about guests than photography. Be sure to set boundaries and expectations with your guests, especially when it comes to cell phone usage. You can assure them that I will get plenty of photos, so they are able to fully embrace the ceremony.

“I would have told my mom not to take photos on her cellphone the entire ceremony.”

Colorado elopement photographer captures bride and groom holding hands and walking

If It Is Cold

This wedding regret is not only for Winter weddings. We are at a higher altitude with a dry climate, so in the early Spring, as well as late Fall, our temperatures in Colorado can drop significantly. Come prepared with a flattering coat, shawl, blanket, or really anything to keep you warm.

“If it’s negative 3 degrees when you get married as well, make sure to bring anything and everything to keep you warm. It won’t take away from your outfit or pictures. You will be glad you did.”

“If there’s any chance of the weather being chilly, get a cute sweater or jacket to wear over your dress – something you don’t mind getting photos in! I had a knit shawl and not only did it keep me warm, it complemented my dress and looked lovely in photos.”

A bride in a white dress holds the cheek of her partner in a suit as they sit under snowy branches on Lookout Mountain in a portrait by Colorado elopement photographers

Elope Already!

What are you waiting for?! Eloping in Colorado offers a breathtaking backdrop for your most intimate moment, encapsulating both adventure and romance in a single gesture. The state’s stunning landscapes, from the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the serene beauty of alpine lakes and lush forests, provide an unparalleled setting for exchanging vows.

“The only thing I could think of is that I wouldn’t have waited so long. I was a little hesitant to do an elopement through a bunch of online services for such a special day, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews convinced me it was the right choice.”

“There is not a bad time to get married in Colorado. Even in peak snow season and freezing temperatures it is the most amazing experience!”

“If you’re questioning whether or not to elope or have a micro wedding, I would say just do it! It was so much more stress free and affordable!”

bride standing on a boulder holding her bouquet to her side and looking over her shoulder with a lake behind her and mountains in the distance photographed by colorado elopement photographer

No Wedding Regrets

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that is okay! You can definitely walk away from your elopement without any wedding regrets by choosing to embrace the imperfections. Embracing the imperfections of your elopement in Colorado can lead to unexpected moments of joy and authenticity. Whether the weather decides to sprinkle a light snowfall or the wind whistles through the mountain valleys, these unplanned elements can add a touch of spontaneity and charm to your special day. Remember, it’s not about having a flawless event but about celebrating your love in its purest form.

“Not really anything we would have done differently!”

“I wouldn’t have done a thing different about the whole experience! Yes there were some people around, even on a Monday, but they hyped us up and made us feel like we were on top of the world with compliments and noticing us lol we didn’t feel interrupted during our vows at all though so that was good!”

“And word of advise, give yourself some room to accept that things could go not as planned, because if your open minded to that possibility, the day will be better then you could have ever imagined with a few little quirks here and there.”

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