Why Golden Hour Pictures?


You’ve probably heard of “Golden Hour,” that time photographers always strive for. But why are golden hour pictures so important for Colorado elopement photographers? I promise there is a method behind the madness! Golden hour is an extraordinary time of day, especially for photos, and here’s why. 

Colorado elopement photographers capture bride and groom embracing during golden hour portraits

No Harsh Shadows on Faces

In theory, it’d be great to do elopement photos at any time of day…but did you realize that when the sun is directly overhead, it creates harsh shadows? That means that from shortly after sunrise, to about an hour and a half before sunset, these shadows can be really distracting. For one, it’s hard to shoot nice portraits when everybody’s squinting! And second, even if we got a nice pose, the dark shadows on your face would ruin your engagement photos. 

While occasionally, a dramatic portrait in bright sunlight can work out creatively, for the most part, we are after even lighting. A safe bet is to schedule when the light is much softer during golden hour. Plus, that golden hour glow is super pretty, so it’s a win for Colorado elopement photographers!

Colorado elopement photographers capture husbands hugging and touching foreheads during golden hour portraits

A Romantic Golden Glow 

If you follow me on Instagram or other social media, you’ve probably noticed that light plays a big part in my photos. It’s not an editing feature—it’s an accurate representation of the glow of “golden hour!” During engagements, the golden glow adds magic to silhouettes. Your hair shines, and your figure is outlined in light. Does it get more romantic than that?

Plus, I love to play with the light using prisms and other tools to give your photos a one-of-a-kind look!

Colorado elopement photographers capture groom holding bride's hand during vows

Soft Light for Backgrounds

Of course, backgrounds are also important for Colorado elopement photos. We want to showcase the incredible scenery behind you! Luckily, Golden Hour also adds to the scenery. The whole land lights up with the soft, warm light that will complement your portraits. Another bonus? Landscape details like florals, grass, and leaves will be highlighted during golden hour, drawing the eye to the beautiful Colorado vistas you came to enjoy. 

Are you ready to shine in during golden hour? Book a session with me! I can’t wait to create some magic for your Colorado engagement or elopement photos. 

Colorado elopement photographer captures bride and groom kissing on red rock