Denver Family Photographers Answers: How To Help Your Partner Love Family Photos


As Denver family photographers, today’s topic is a tricky one! Does your partner drag their feet for family photos? Do they groan every time you book a session? Getting everybody together for family photos can feel like a heavy burden. But it shouldn’t! Here are my personal ideas for helping partners who hate family photos. 

Denver Family Photographers capture father smiling during family photos with children hugging him

Remind Them That They Won’t Regret It

Sometimes, all your partner needs is a reminder of the outcomes. Taking photos may seem awkward in the moment, but when you get the photos back, you’re going to be nothing but happy. You’ve documented this important time for you AND for your kids. Time really does fly by, so you’ll never regret having more photos of this special phase of life. 

Denver family photographers capture family smiling during fall outdoor family photos

Hype Them Up

If your partner is feeling self-conscious with Denver family photographers, don’t forget to hype him up. For some, taking photos feels like putting the brights on physical “flaws,” which makes it hard to sign up for a full hour session. To help, tell your partner how great they look in their fit, or give them an excuse to spoil themself with new clothes!

Denver Family Photographer captures son looking back while holding hands with parents during outdoor family photos

Plan Fun Activities After Denver Family Photographers Session

Another strategy is planning a whole outing that includes family photos. Planning something fun for them and for the family, like doing dinner, seeing a movie, or going to play minigolf together might take the focus off the part they don’t like (the photos) towards something they do (being with the family). This is an easy way to make everybody happy and it may ease the worry when the next family photos come around! 

Denver Family Photographers capture man and woman swinging child in air

Hire Engaging Denver Family Photographers

Yeah, a family session can be boring or stiff with the wrong Denver family photographers. Instead, hire someone who can ensure the session’s fun by playing games and enjoying the kids throughout the experience. 

Personally, my photography style encourages authentic posing. I really value the preservation of your real relationships and interactions with each other, rather than a pose-and-wait session. I know it’s not what everyone’s looking for, but I promise you’ll be happily surprised at how much fun it is to get family photos this way!

Want to try something new with your family session? Give me a shout! I’d love to help preserve your unique memories with your whole family!

Denver family photographers capture father playing with son during outdoor family portraits