In Home Family Photos Vs. Outdoor


As a Denver family photographer, I am surprised by the amount of families that assume all family photos need to be taken in a studio somewhere. Studio photos can feel kind of stuffy or forced. It can be an awkward experience, especially for young kids, and some studios won’t allow you to bring the furry friends in your family. So I’d like to introduce you to two alternatives to studio photos: in home family photos and outdoor family photos. I’ll detail out some of the pros and cons of each and you can decide what’s best for your family. 

Denver family photographers capture family sitting in grass during outdoor family portraits

In Home Family Photos with Denver Family Photographers

In-home photos are when we really capture you, your lifestyle, your space and your personality—let the kids show off their things, what they enjoy doing, and who they really are. This is a great option for families with shy kids. We’ll get to see them show off in a comfortable, authentic place. 

A fun option is to pick a family activity or two, like baking, playing in the backyard (pool, BBQ, gardening, etc.), or watching a family movie to capture your natural family togetherness. I also just can document anything and everything your family does together.

Denver family photographers capture daughter kissing father on cheek

Feel free to be yourselves and dress as you normally would. Your photos will be a true reflection of your family dynamic that you wouldn’t get from another type of session. The only downside to in-home family photos is, in my opinion, the cleaning you might feel obligated to do before the session! 

Denver Family Photographers capture father kissing newborn's head

Outdoor Family Photos with Denver Family Photographers

For your outdoor family photos, start by choosing a scenic location (outdoor sessions are normally scheduled at sunrise or sunset for best lighting). We put thought into the wardrobe so it compliments the surroundings and helps you look your best. The styling need not be fancy. 

Downsides of an outdoor session are travel time and weather. We still want to focus on your togetherness as a family, but the location itself, along with your experience there, becomes more of a focal point. 

Denver family photographers capture children jumping in air during family photos

That being said, an outdoor family session can give your family space to breathe and explore. You can make a fun activity out of it! A lot of families really love the vibrant natural backdrops you can get in an outdoor session, especially during spring and fall. 

Both outdoor and in-home family photos are refreshing options. I am happy to do both! I love to help families be comfortable with their photos, whether at home or in the natural beauties of Denver. Looking to book your next family session? Meet with me!

Denver family photographers capture family sitting on bridge during outdoor family portraits