Tips For Capturing Spring Family Photos


It’s no secret that fall is the most popular season for family photography sessions. Sure, the colors are beautiful, the weather is pretty ideal, and everyone wants fresh photos for the holidays. However, spring isn’t too shabby either and it definitely shouldn’t be counted out! There’s so much to love about taking family photos in the spring, and in my opinion, it’s the perfect time to schedule a session!

Here are some tips for capturing some spring memories with your family this year–

Enjoy the slowly warming temperatures.

In Colorado, the winter weather can be absolutely brutal, and it can even get pretty dicey in Washington DC, Delaware, and Florida. So, as the temperatures start to rise, it’s your chance to get out there and take advantage!

Get the kids outside!

Burn off some of that energy that’s built up over the winter months! Make your spring session a fun and memorable family adventure by incorporating something you’ve never done or going to a place you haven’t experienced yet.

Explore (and dip your toes in!) a mountain creek.

Mountain creeks are so great for exploring in the springtime, particularly because the snow is starting to melt in the higher elevations. Not sure where to go? Ask me for some of my favorite top-secret spots that feature a mountain creek!

Relish in the fact that there are no bugs!

Not a fan of our creepy crawly friends? Bugs don’t typically make their appearance until summertime, so spring sessions are perfect if you’re not a fan of insects.

Bring your dog along to capture the entire family.

Since the weather isn’t too warm yet, it’s the perfect time to bring your furry family members along for a photography session. There are some tips I always like to recommend you follow, but including a pet is such a great way to ‘level up’ a spring session!

Take advantage of fewer crowds.

The fall season can be particularly busy, especially in the Colorado mountain towns. In the spring, the crowds start to die down a bit, making those locations a bit quieter and easier to navigate during a photography session.

As early blooms begin to pop, visit a botanical garden.

Flowers and plants offer the perfect little pop of color in the spring. So, why not visit one of the best (and easiest) places to find all those beautiful colors: a botanical garden. Here in Denver, we have Denver Botanic Gardens. For my clients out east, there’s Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida, the United States Botanic Garden in DC, and Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek.

Look for rainbows!

Sure, in the spring, there might be some rain, but where there’s rain, there might soon be rainbows! Be on the lookout during your next spring session and you just might spot one!


Shed off some of those added layers!

With warmer temperatures also comes the possibility for different styling options and the ability to lose the bulky jackets and sweaters! While I always recommend bringing some layers along for any unexpected weather changes, with spring, we start to see more floral patterns in photos, along with pastel colored maxi and midi dresses. Looking for some styling advice prior to your spring session? Please reach out to me and ask away!

Get a jumpstart on photo gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Family photos make the perfect Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, and a spring sessions is a great way to get a jumpstart on collecting those images. Keep an eye out for my annual Celebrate Motherhood sessions, too – the perfect gift for any mom!


Enjoy an early morning sunrise session.

Due to timing, I only offer sunrise sessions from April through October, but let me tell you – they’re spectacular! The lighting, the colors, and the scenery all come together for some pretty fabulous family photos.

Visit locations like Standley Lake or Bear Creek Lake.

Even if the trees haven’t quite greened yet, these locations both offer lakes, the perfect feature for any spring session!

Book an urban session downtown.

For a spring session with an urban vibe, consider choosing a location in the city. The buildings and earlier landscaping will provide great pops of color for your photos!


For a spring session with your family…

Look no further! If one of these tips caught your eye and you’d like to venture out for a spring session this year, I hope you’ll reach out to me, so we can discuss all the details! To view my availability or book a date and time for some photos, head to my schedule. I can’t wait to hear from you and help capture some fleeting moments with you and your family!