5 Reasons I Love Spring Sessions


Many families are quite religious about scheduling their annual photo sessions in the fall. The leaves are changing, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s just in time to have photos printed for the holidays. However, spring sessions shouldn’t be counted out! You’ll skip the fall rush for booking with your favorite photographer, you’ll check a major holiday to-do off your list early in the year, and you’ll manage to make some pretty amazing memories with your favorite people in the process. After all, your family is what makes any season the best season!

In case you’re not quite convinced, here I’m sharing five reasons why I love spring sessions —

Your family will be ready for an outdoor adventure.

Does your family suffer from cabin fever during the winter months? If your kids are anything like mine, everyone will be itching to get outside when the warmer days of spring finally arrive. I’m also a firm believer that outdoor sessions should not only be an opportunity to capture beautiful photos, but also a memorable adventure. At the end of the day, I want you to have both the photos and memories to reflect back on a fun day spent with your family.

[For ideas of what to do during your session, check out my blog “40 Fun Things to Do at Your Family Photography Session.]

The sun begins to set later in the evenings.

It’s no secret that I love to capture families “in the light”, just as the sun begins to set. In the spring, sunset times are right at the sweet spot. As the sunset times begin to trend later, its nice to have the extra daylight. However, it’s still perfect for those bedtime wary parents who can’t do a super late summer session when the sun may not set until 8:30.

Temperatures are slightly warmer.

While spring in Colorado can be unpredictable with the weather (hello snow!), having the warmer yet not oppressively hot temperatures makes for more enjoyable sessions for everyone if we can the right day (and my rescheduling policy is flexible!). Afternoon temperatures in March and April tend to average around 60 degrees and in May, they can reach an average of around 70. It’s just warm enough to feel comfortable and you won’t find any beads of sweat in your photos!

Light and airy clothing and color palettes can shine.

It’s time to put away the sweaters, scarves, mittens, and boots and pull out the lighter clothing (can we say strappy, flowy dresses?!). In case you’re not already aware, I’m a huge fan of maxi dresses in photos and when they’re paired with a pretty pastel color palette, or even a floral pattern, it’s just the perfect combination.

Flora and fauna begin to make an appearance.

After months of looking brown, gray, and dreary in the winter, pops of color are making their way back for the spring. Flowers are budding and grass is turning green and luscious again, making a stunning backdrop for spring photos. As an added bonus, wildlife that has been tucked away or hibernating is making its way out again.

Some Things to Consider:

While there are a good number of warm and sunny days in the spring, there’s still the chance for snow in Colorado, sometimes into the month of May. Be sure to check the weather forecast prior to your session to see what temperatures will be like that day.

When coordinating your outfits, it might be wise to plan for layers, just to eliminate any potential stress in case the weather takes a turn on the day of your spring session. For example, if you’re hoping to wear a sleeveless dress or one with straps, choose a matching cardigan as well, in the off chance you’ll need it. For men and children, select both a long sleeve and short sleeve option (maybe leave the tags on!) so a last minute decision can be made prior to your spring session.

When you’re ready to venture out into the sun…

I’m here to help you plan the perfect spring session with your family! From styling and location advice to tips and tricks to help conquer the spring weather, I hope you’ll get in touch so we can work together in the days before your session. If you’re ready to jump straight to booking a session, feel free to snag a spot on my schedule.