LGBTQ Same Sex Colorado Elopement at Lookout Mountain | KJ + Jaelyn


The Colorado Rockies tend to have their own weather and seasons, particularly in the winter months. They are also a pretty common destination for weddings, with winter providing one of the most gorgeous backdrops. Among the lightly powdered mountains and evergreens, at Lookout Mountain near Boettcher Mansion, I was able to capture all of the unique moments of KJ and Jaelyn’s elopement.

This sweet couple from Oklahoma has been together for two years. They proposed to each other, but the real story is that KJ took a bit of the lead, and Jaelyn went the extra mile to get KJ’s ring engraved for their special day.

KJ and Jaelyn said their vows while braving truly difficult conditions of absolutely frigid temperatures on the windiest of days, with gusts up to 40 mph. Their dogs, Theo and Demi served as their witnesses, and even ‘sealed’ their wedding certificate with paws of approval.

The brides selected picture perfect ensembles with KJ dressed in red plum velvet brushed pants with matching vest and Jaelyn donning a white lace slit dress wrapped in a cozy fringed shawl. The variety of textures and the angle of natural lighting would give the illusion of warmth on any day, but the love and happiness that this couple had for each other was all the warmth they needed that day.

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