Telluride Colorado and Moab Utah Road Trip Family Session


My line of work is very personal. I love that about photography. It’s difficult to take candid, intimate, and fun portraits of families without feeling some level of connection to the people you are photographing. So, it’s pretty common for my clients to become my friends! And other times, my friends end up becoming clients, too. 

Last summer, when we all were restricted from air travel and everyone was relegated to creating a ‘pod’ so-to-speak due to Covid-19, we were lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with this wonderful family. Not only do our kids go to school together, but we also enjoy each other’s company. 

So, in the absence of something more luxurious abroad, we packed up our cars and ventured out on a two-stop road trip – first to Telluride, Colorado, and then on to Moab, Utah. 

Telluride is so much more than a Colorado mountain town with a world class ski resort. There’s so much to take in – from the historic homes and landmarks to the majestic beauty of the alpines. We were fortunate enough to make our way up and into the forested peaks just before sunset, and managed to capture some pretty amazing views!

Then, it was time to switch gears and travel further west to the second stop on our road trip. We decided to check out the Adventure Capital of the United States – Moab, Utah! The formations and arches were stunning and stood tall like a large, rusty, red rock playground, where we played with the kids until sundown.

The highlight of the trip for me was being able to create some family portraits of our friends along our journey, first at the top of the mountains in Telluride, and then in Arches National Park in Moab. Next time, however, I think I’ll make a note to pack and wear shoes better suited for climbing. (I only had flip flops – what was I thinking?!)

Planning your next family road trip?…

Let’s capture some memories that will last a lifetime! A family road trip or vacation is the perfect excuse for a photography session. Simply reach out to me regarding your destination and the dates you’ll plan to be there and we can sort out all the details!