Franktown Colorado Outdoor Fall Family Session


My favorite locations for a fall family session are unique with lots of scenery, and lots of room to run and play! This spot in Franktown, Colorado was no exception! 

This couple has trusted me with their photos since they first got engaged, and I am so lucky to have the chance to work with them as their family grows and changes with each new, beautiful addition.

We had perfect weather for this family session –  a beautiful fall afternoon with the perfect amount of breeze, so everyone was able to forget their coats and sweaters and just enjoy the Colorado sun! 

We had lots of fun together as the kids watched mom and dad dance, tickled each other and laughed, played London Bridge, and snuck in a few rounds of duck-duck-goose. The girls even twirled a little in their skirts!

All three kids are a bunch of gigglers once you get them going. This is especially true whenever their dad has a say in it, and it made for some pretty big smiles!

When summer slowly changes to fall…

Let’s climb in the car and venture out to one of my favorite scenic spots for a fall family session. Whether it’s Franktown, Denver, Boulder, or beyond, I’m always ready to grab my camera and come play! Reach out to me with any questions, and check out my schedule to reserve a spot on my calendar.