Why You Should Plan a Family Photo Session Every Year

Tips and Tricks

I consider my self so lucky to be a Denver family photographer, yet so many of the families I photograph aren’t in Colorado. Including the one featured in this post! No matter where you live, I’d like to share with you a few reasons why I think it’s so important to get everyone together for a family photo session every year!

As I share more about why, I’m sharing photos of a family I have been photographing for over a decade as they have traveled, moved states and added two more beautiful children to the family since I first started photographing them. They are the perfect example of how much can change in the span of a few years, how much variety you can get out of you family photo sessions, and how important it is to capture such an amazing family journey. Just look through the photos and see how things have changed!

Your kids are always growing and changing

Their faces and features, their personalities, and their style are constantly evolving. Time goes by so quickly! Annual family photos give you the opportunity to capture your children’s development in a special and natural way. What about the structure of your family? Growing from a couple to adding your first child, from two kids to twins on the way? Adding a beloved new pet to the family? All of these special changes and stories ought to be documented.

Make new memories together

Family photo sessions are a fun way to document life’s events and milestones, such as a holiday, new baby, an adoption, starting school or college, moving, marriage, academic accomplishments, birthdays, or even coming of age celebrations such as a Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or Quinceañera. Photo sessions can be a wonderful yearly tradition. 

Family photos build a family legacy

For most of us, there is no paparazzi following us around, no autobiographer chronicling the story of our lives. Sure, we have our cell phones, and maybe you even have a DSLR camera that you pull out no and again. Either way, this always means that someone in the family is behind the camera and not in the photos! Having the whole crew together and showing how much everyone’s grown and changed over the years is so important. These photos will become your family heirlooms, to be treasured and passed down to your kids and their kids. They are your own personal history. Imagine your relatives and ancestors looking at photos many years from now!

Capture the whole family

How many family photos do you have with one family member missing because they are taking the photo? Don’t worry about snapping that photo or setting the timer on your camera for a quick dash to the front. Leave it to the professionals to capture your entire family and visually preserve those special moments. 

Create art for your home

You may have thousands of selfies and photos on your phone, but these are not the best photos to have enlarged and displayed. A professional photographer can work with you to capture your family at their best with the end result being a work of art featuring your family. Plus- Family photos make great gifts for relatives!

Do it for your kids

Your kids won’t look back and focus on a blemish or a hair out of place, nor will they notice if you lost the five pounds you were worrying over- but they might be disappointed as adults if they don’t have any pictures from their youth with their parents in them! A professional photographer has the training to capture meaningful family photos that will stand the test of time, and that you, and your children will treasure for years to come! 

Chronicle your Family Adventures

Planning a yearly photo session is a way to explore the seasons, and even document your travels if you are adventurous. One year try doing your session in the spring or summer when the flowers are in bloom, and the next take advantage of the change leaves in the fall. Even a snowy winter session can be beautiful. And if you are planning a special trip or vacation, consider doing your session at your destination for special vacation memories!

If it’s been a while since your last family photo session…

Don’t let another fleeting moment or memory pass you by! Let’s compare schedules and set up a time to capture some amazing photographs. Check out all my family session info and get in touch with questions!