The anticipation is over and they are finally here- tiny as your little one may be, the joy is mighty and your celebration of their arrival should be too. 

But your little one only stays truly tiny for mere moments it seems, so let's be sure to take some treasured photos of those little newborn smiles, yawns and of course those impossibly small feet!

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lifestyle newborn

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Everything about Erin's photography is wonderful! She does a beautiful job catching real moments and she's is very efficient which is amazing when you have little ones in particular!

'does a beautiful job'

Lifestyle newborn sessions include the word lifestyle for a reason, and that's because they should reflect what life looks like for you now that your family has grown! I'm here to help you prep and prepare for an easy and stress-free session. When you book, I will guide you through all you need to know so you can forget about photos and just focus on your babe! Take a peek at the details below, and then feel free to book your session directly or get in touch with any questions, comments or to just say hi. I can't wait to hear from you!

I believe in doing more than just showing up and taking your photos...

You're busy and life prepping for baby isn't easy- so I am all about keeping it simple. When you are ready to book, just click any of the booking buttons on my site or the 'Schedule' tab at the top of the page where you can easily select a date on my calendar and be booked and ready to go. I'll ask a few questions about you and your family to get to know you better so I can get prepping for your session right away, and I'll be in touch soon!

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Once you are booked I'll be sending you some style resources for the whole family as tips for how to prepare for a successful newborn session. There are simple things you can do to plan for success on the day of your session and I am here to make things stress-free for you. And if you have questions, I'll have answers!

I'll send you all you need to know for your big day!

it's photo time

It's photo day! This is the time to relax and enjoy cuddles and quality time with your newest addition. be sure you have set aside a few hours for your session and don't need to rush out the door at a set time, as newborns work on their own schedule! Besides, can you ever get enough of that sweet baby smell and tickling those teeny tiny toes?

the day has arrived and it's time to get the sweet newborn photos you've been dreaming of

Gallery Delivery

You had a great session and now you can't wait to see the results! Three short weeks after your session you will see an email pop into your inbox inviting you to view an image preview. Gather around and enjoy some beautiful moments reliving the day, and then make a selection as to what image collection you'd like to keep forever. Your full gallery will be unlocked and the delight continues! 

I know you are dying to see those photos - it'll be worth the wait!

Order your art & enjoy!

With your full gallery available and artwork credit at your finger tips, it's time to treat yourself to some beautiful artwork to adorn your walls, or maybe even gift to some to loved ones! In the age of cell phone photos and corrupt hard drives, making sure we print our photos is more important than ever. Printing your photos ensures that when today's technology is obsolete in 50 years, your children and grandchildren can still enjoy the beautiful printed work you picked out today!







About My Process

the process

+ Two hour session at a location of your choice
+ Scheduled just before sunset for optimal lighting if outdoors
+ Access to complimentary client closet for ladies
+ Location & styling guidance
+ Combine with a maternity session and save!

Session fee required to book. Choose from three collections of digital images & artwork credits two-three weeks after your session.

Session fee $225
total Investment ranges from $575-975

lifestyle newborn session

Tiny toes, tiny fingers, and they only stay small for a moment! Let's bottle up all that newborn goodness up in some images that will last a lifetime, or more!

Send me a message on my contact page and tell me what you have in mind and we'll get the ball moving or book right away through the booking buttons on this page. Everything can be done online with just a few clicks. You'll pay your session fee, sign a session agreement and answer a few questions to help me plan the best experience for you. Then your date is set! Rest easy knowing I'll be in touch soon with helpful info and you are on your way to beautiful photos! Easy Peasy.

Unfortunately babies don't tend to work on mini session timelines. Most of my newborn sessions end up taking between one and a half to two hours, to allow for diaper changes, feedings, and soothing your little one back to sleep in between all the beautiful shots we will take.

Ideally we want to take newborn photos within the first 10 to 14 days after your little one arrives, to capitalize on all the perfect tiny little newborn details. You will be amazed at how fast they grow and change, even in a few short weeks. We also try to stick to this timeline because in those first two weeks, your babe will sleep a little more often, more deeply, and may not have yet developed baby acne. If however we miss this window, worry not! I have photograph plenty of older newborns with beautiful results! 

Most families tend to do their newborn sessions in the comfort of their home, mostly due to the ease of having their little one at home! Also depending on the time of year, it may not be suitable to bring a new baby out into the elements. However given the current ongoing pandemic, some families are opting for outdoor newborn sessions for peace of mind, and this can be a beautiful option as well! I am open to whatever option works best for your family. 

There are a couple of general things you can do if you are having an in home newborn session. Namely, make sure the areas of your home you want to be photographed in are generally free of clutter and extra items, have the thermostat turned up a little higher than you are comfortable with (babies like it hot!) and have a sound machine handy to keep that little one sleeping during the session! Also make sure you baby is well fed and has the next bottle (or mama) nearby we they are ready for their next meal!

We want all eyes on your newest addition, so the best thing to wear in my opinion are soft neutrals, and items that are comfortable but not either overly dressy or overly casual. Colors like Ivory, beige, and grey, are all great. Incorporating textures like lace, wool, crochet, knit weaves etc can work nicely, and making sure clothing is clean and wrinkle free is extra important since there are lots of closeups! 

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You hear it all the time. 'They grow up too fast.' You probably even say it yourself, and you watch it happen right before your eyes.  As parents we wish we could slow down time, and cherish each little giggle, every funny moment. But while there is no pause button on life, we can document and record each stage. Create tangible artwork to pass down the generations. I am here to help you hold on to these precious memories and never let them go. 

10 little fingers, 10 little toes
more precious than
anyone knows

Thank you!

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