Denver Union Station Engagement / Julie & Brad

I had a blast photographing Julie & Brad in celebration of their engagement in downtown Denver, along with their dog at the iconic Union Station!

Julie and Brad contacted me as a referral from another amazing client of mine, the lovely Heather (see her and her beautiful family here) and so I knew Julie and Brad would be a great couple and easy to work with! Heather is a wonderful champion of my business and the folks she sends my way are always wonderful! As a non-native of Colorado, referrals, even after being her for 4 years, are my best advertisements and so I am so grateful for those clients who've been with me for years now and continue to bring new faces to my camera!

 But back to Julie and Brad!! These kids are getting hitched in Mexico (gasp!), but for their engagement photos they wanted to do a little nod to home!

Along for the ride was Julie's mom Theresa as well as their little pup Rosie. We started our session at the iconic Union Station which for those of you who don't know, recently received a MAJOR facelift inside an out. For our session we just stuck to the gorgeous view outdoors, but for anyone looking for a a great place to go on a Friday night check out the two new bars inside; the Terminal bar and the Cooper Lounge. And, if you need a place to crash the new adjoined hotel The Crawford is unparalleled! 

Later in our session we went north a few blocks in search of some great graffiti art. I think Julie's mom was a bit skeptical at first given the nature of walking down alley ways and all, but not long after she was out scouting for the next location while we were still photographing at the prior! In fact I have to credit her for finding the amazing Black and White wall featured in the last two images of this post! 

Denver is awesome in the way of 'pro' graffiti, (don't really know what to call it- but graffiti that is legal and planned) and from what I can tell it's always a work in progress with the walls getting turned over to new artists every so often. This means it's great to take advantage of the unique back drops and immortalize them in photos because you never know when your favorite art wall will have turned into a new piece next time you return! 

You really can't beat sun flare & the epic orange Union Station sign!

Such a cute little dachshund! She was a little nervous to be in photos I think, but happy to be in her mama's arms!

Oh how I love when the sun shines like this for a session!

Here's that awesome Black & White wall Julie's mom Theresa spotted for us- I love it!