Katie & Max / Brantwyn Estate Wedding, Delaware

I just posted about how I got to photograph the beautiful Katie and her fiance Max for their engagement. Next up is their gorgeous wedding at the Brantwyn Estate, part of the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington DE. (Yes those DuPonts) There was a not-so-brief point in time where I had my own heart set on getting married at Brantwyn, but as time would pass and life took me elsewhere I ended up getting married here in Colorado! But if nothing else, being able to photograph Katie & Max's I Do's at Brantwyn was a piece of a dream come true! 

Now, I mentioned before that Katie and I grew up going to the same church, however it turns out she fell in love with Max, a Jewish fella! So this wedding was a beautiful Jeweish celebration, comeplete with chuppa, ketubah & the hora dance. And even a nice word from Katie's older brother who is an ordained Christian minister during the ceremony. I love joint weddings where not only two families come together, but also two religions and everyone celebrates in harmony! 

Check out their lush green Brantwyn wedding and all the festivities!