Ava / Newborn

Sweet Ava! This little girl was a wonder, she behaved perfectly for her whole session, even while in the company of her fur-buddies - 3 pups that is- and slept without a peep! She has unique & beautiful birthmarks on her adorable little face and she wears them proudly. Her mama and papa were beaming with pride and love (as it should be, right?) and so this session was a dream! 

Newborn photography is a genre all of its own and requires a fair amount of planning, which is ironic give the unplanned nature of most deliveries! But it crucial to the success of a session to photograph babies as young as possible, ideally within the first ten days of life. But don't worry- you don't have to do much more than make a phone call or send an email as I bring everything to you and work right in your home. 

Ava's mom & dad followed the guidelines so I got to meet her when she was just days old and here is the picture proof!